Why Guys Should Still Wear Cologne for Dates

Man with Cologne Fragrance at Beach
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There is nothing better than catching a slight whiff of cologne when you walk by someone in the hallway. Some people don’t realize a cultural revolution is taking place right beneath our noses. Men are being told more and more often not to wear cologne when they are taking their dates out because of the potential for some guys to wear too much. Yet, we will show you several reasons why men should still wear cologne and not stand for the substitutes or subtle scents.

You Smell Cleaner After a Long Day

You’re a busy guy, which means you might not be able to separate the time you get done work from the time you have to leave and meet your date. In other words, you took a shower about ten hours ago, and it could start to show any minute now. You refresh your deodorant in the bathroom, but the smell of stale coffee lingers. Using cologne can heavily mask the daily smell accumulation on you, making it easier to smell your best even after a day of high-pressure work. It might come off strong to some people, but given a choice between cologne and body odor, people will choose cologne.

Cologne is a Cultural Norm

Another thing that can’t be ignored is that wearing cologne is our cultural heritage. Sure, you can start wearing body oils to provide yourself with an extra scent, but that’s not our thing. The scents will be noticeably different, and you might not understand how to make those fragrances work for you. If you’re dating an American woman, she will have some expectations about your grooming, including how you smell. Go for the cologne and leave the rest at home.

Why Guys Should Still Wear Cologne for Dates
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Breaking Down the Science

There is a scientific reason that you will want to wear cologne. For starters, when you wear this fragrance, you will smell better. That’s a fact. Yet, there is something else to consider, and that is the idea that cologne is made to blend with your body chemistry to produce good smells. Two guys can wear the same cologne and smell different than each other. When you go on a date, using cologne allows you to smell good and smell unique, which can be very attractive to women.

It Signifies Confidence

Nothing you can wear or say can make you more attractive than just being a naturally confident person. The man who wears cologne signals to everyone he interacts with that he takes pride in his appearance by grooming and taking care of his body. Even if you’re not hitting the gym every day, taking the two seconds to spritz on cologne is the cherry on top of your efforts. 

Maybe you’re constricted by budget; who cares? You can still be confident on a dime. Search online for discount cologne or visit local department stores to see what is on sale. You want to make sure you’re selecting a cologne that works with your body’s pheromones and that you vibe with. If the cologne doesn’t pass the vibe check, find another one. Many men opt to own several types of cologne to switch things up depending on their mood—signal confidence to your peers and loved ones by adding cologne to your daily grooming routine.

Man Spraying Cologne
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Why Wear Cologne

Smell aside; there is an expectation of what youths, adolescents, and men smell like. If we said that someone was coming to meet you while wearing a body spray, you would picture a high school student. If we say someone is coming while wearing Eau de Perfume, you picture someone older. 

As you can see, there are many justifications for men to wear cologne today. Not only does it help you overcome the smells that you might have gathered throughout the day, but it offers you better scents and doesn’t defy the age-old knowledge passed down by our forefathers. Smelling good is a good thing, and don’t let any naysayers ruin it for you. The next time you are taking out a date, feel free to spray a couple of spritzes of cologne on and feel the confidence.