GANT Goes Western with Wrangler Collab

September 20, 2022
GANT x Wrangler Campaign 2022 Momo Ndiaye Model
Sporting a white cowboy hat, Momo Ndiaye fronts the GANT x Wrangler campaign. Photo: Nadia Lee Cohen / GANT

The new collection that GANT and Wrangler have collaborated on brings together two very different styles: the preppy aesthetic of the East Coast and the western aesthetic. The capsule collection consists of thirty items, including jeans, accessories, and clothes. The collaboration, available at GANT and Wrangler, makes a statement with exceptional clothing items such as bootcut jeans and a varsity jacket with a western embroidered design.

Momo Ndiaye Model GANT x Wrangler Campaign 2022
Embracing shades of brown, Momo Ndiaye stars in the GANT x Wrangler campaign. Photo: Nadia Lee Cohen / GANT

GANT x Wrangler Campaign

GANT and Wrangler have created a new campaign to highlight their collaboration. Nadia Lee Cohen, a British visual artist, directs and photographs the advertising. Meanwhile, model Momo Ndiaye is in the spotlight. Cohen works with Momo, bringing her camp attitude to the ad, resulting in a fun presentation of the GANT x Wrangler collection.

“I’m so happy to be a part of this special merging between GANT and Wrangler,” says Nadia Lee Cohen. “The collection has just enough equal parts from both brands to create a perfectly glamorous take on traditional Western wear.” 

GANT x Wrangler Campaign Men 2022 Momo Ndiaye Model
Posing on the back of a fake horse, Momo Ndiaye appears in the GANT x Wrangler campaign. Photo: Nadia Lee Cohen / GANT

Nadia Lee Cohen notes, as she reflects on her connection to the ageless western image, “My dad learned English from watching old Westerns and they’d always be on the TV as a child.” The artist continues, “Being subjected to those desolate technicolor backdrops and leathery sun soaked skin was probably the catalyst behind my love of cinema and Western culture.”

Cohen, who has a penchant for classic westerns, had the following to say about the GANT x Wrangler campaign: “I wanted to approach the films and still images like traditional Hollywood screen tests and really project a sense of artifice within the setting and poses.”