Todd Snyder Looks to Morocco for a Boho Spring

Published on November 3, 2022

Todd Snyder presents “The Nomad,” its spring-summer 2023 collection, which draws inspiration from Morocco, specifically 1950s Tangiers. Beat writers like William Seward Burroughs IIAllen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac found solace in the Moroccan city. Tangiers also drew the adventurous composer, author, and New Yorker Paul Bowles, who settled there permanently. 

“Tangier is more New York than New York,” Bowles explained in his 1952 novel Let It Come Down, adding, “Then you must see how alike the two places are. The life revolves wholly about the making of money.” Continuing, the author added, “Practically everyone is dishonest. In New York you have Wall Street, here you have the Bourse…In New York you have the slick financiers, here the money changers. In New York you have your racketeers. Here you have your smugglers. And you have every nationality and no civic pride.”

A cultural comparison and melding, as defined by Bowles, is the spark that ignites Todd Snyder’s spring-summer 2023 collection. A borrowed boho flair is the appropriate vintage inspiration that fits the Todd Snyder aesthetic, repositioning menswear classics in a contemporary setting. Todd Snyder’s sophisticated style gets a free-spirited infusion of boho attitude for spring.

“I was looking at photographs of Tangiers in the 1950s and was inspired by the way the American expats mixed their gentlemen’s clothes with rustic, bohemian ones,” explains designer Todd Snyder. “So, in our collection you’ll see styles like a homespun shirt jacket that’s inspired by a Tuareg rug from Morocco being worn with a tailored Gurkha pant.” Snyder adds, “Volume and texture are really important, too–suits with relaxed silhouettes that are reminiscent of the Eighties and crocheted polos.”

Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

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