Chris Holzinger Continued…

The Fashionisto


Published May 4, 2009


As promised in this past Friday’s feature post, here is the remaining portion of the Q&A with Berlin based designer, Chris Holzinger:

The Fashionisto: If your label was a person, what would they be like?

Chris Holzinger: Working on collections, I don’t relate to special human characteristics or particular target groups. I rather attach certain attributes to my design pieces like wearability, quality, reliability, function, dispassion and eternalness. It is important to design clothes which are always wearable and which are easy to recombine with diverse fashion style movements and colors. It’s really important to me that my clothes guarantee mobility and flexibility in different situations during daily routine.


TF: Do you have any fashion role models?

CH: During the process of admission for my fashion design study, I completed an internship in the costume department of a national theater in Germany. At that time, I was lucky to also learn from an excellent men’s tailor in the tailor’s workshop of the costume department. During that time, I gained first practical experience about sewing traditional menswear. He introduced me to classical design elements, norms and regulations. Over the years, he taught me a lot about classical and complex menswear processing. I’m fascinated by the knowledge and skills he has gained over many decades.  We became close friends and I’m still able to learn from him today. I’m happy that I can always count on his amazing support. I’m still at the beginning with my own label and I consider every competent support absolutely helpful. For me, he became a role model mainly because of his human aspects. He always spent a lot of time explaining several skills to me and he was very patient. Therefore, I will always be deeply grateful to him.


TF: Running your label, what is your daily routine like?

CH: Each day starts very early, ends mostly very late and is packed with organization and surprises.

TF: Solids or prints. What is your opinion?

CH: Due to my minimalist, simple, pure but still modern design philosophy, I prefer the solids and monochrome pieces, but also in terms of colors using contrasts as details. By selecting colors, fabrics and with the creation of the patterns and the manufacturing, I want to provide my pieces with continuance and longevity. All these elements of the working process support my intentions to design pieces, which last for more than one season.


TF: Where do you hope to see your label in 5 years?

CH: Of course I hope for the best regarding achievements and developments and I hope especially that I will stay healthy in the future and will be able to use my energy in a constructive way. 5 years is a long time, especially me being still in the beginning of managing my own label. As a matter of course, I will keep working hard on developing the label and evolving as a fashion designer.

TF: Stockists?

CH: I am very lucky to be able to present and offer my first spring/summer collection 2009 “Straight On” at Temporary Showroom in Berlin.

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