Beard Styles: From Classic Facial Hair to Modern Trends

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Updated March 19, 2024

Beard Styles for MenPin
Explore popular beard styles for men.

Beard styles serve as a distinct medium of self-expression, each sculpted to reflect the wearer’s individuality. Straddling the spectrum from the refined to the daring, these facial adornments are deeply rooted in tradition and at the forefront of trendsetting.

Popular Beard Styles

The craft of beard styling is an intersection of preference and grooming precision, a mirror of the face and the choice and persona it seeks to convey.

Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard JD PardoPin
JD Pardo wears the Anchor beard with a commanding presence. Photo: DFree /

The Anchor beard gets its name from the nautical anchor shape it resembles. It is defined by a pointed beard that traces along the jawline and is connected to a moustache but with cleanly shaven cheeks. Trimming tools with edging capabilities are essential for achieving sharp lines and maintaining the anchor’s precise definition.

Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard Christian BalePin
With a characteristic isolated moustache and chin hair, the Balbo beard suits Christian Bale. Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

The defining feature of the Balbo beard is the clear separation between the moustache and the hair on the chin, creating a look that commands attention to the lower face. For the individual keen on adopting this style, it’s essential to focus on the cheek and neck areas for a clean shave, leaving the moustache and chin hair to stand out.


Beardstache Henry CavillPin
Henry Cavill’s Beardstache bridges casual and formal, spotlighting the moustache as the focal point. Photo: Ga Fullner /

The Beardstache is characterized by a prominently thicker moustache paired with a shorter stubble across the rest of the face. It’s a style that balances the ruggedness of a beard with the defined shape of a moustache.

To achieve this look, maintain a fuller moustache while carefully trimming the hair on the cheeks and neck using a lower guard on a quality trimmer. The contrast between the pronounced moustache and the shorter stubble creates a striking visual perception that plays well with a casual, sharp, tailored appearance.

Chinstrap Beard

Chinstrap Beard Quincy BrownPin
For Quincy Brown, the Chinstrap beard offers a sleek contour to the jawline, emphasizing the face’s natural lines. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

The Chinstrap beard is characterized by thin strips of facial hair that outline the jaw and follow the chin’s natural contour. The cheeks and neck should be cleanly shaven to accentuate the chinstrap’s shape.

This look is well-suited for those with a well-defined jawline and can add the illusion of length to rounder face shapes.

Circle Beard

Circle Beard Will SmithPin
The Circle beard offers Will Smith a polished and defined style. Photo: Tinseltown /

The Circle beard, blending a mustache with a rounded goatee, presents a classic choice that frames the mouth and emphasizes the chin. This style suits a variety of face shapes and is particularly effective in defining facial contours.

Achieving the perfect Circle beard involves careful shaping around the lips to maintain the circular illusion, with frequent trimming to ensure the edges remain sharp. The cheeks and neck should be cleanly shaven for a neat appearance, enhancing the visual perception of the circle.

Corporate Beard

Corporate Beard Ben AffleckPin
The Corporate beard complements Ben Affleck’s formal image. Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

The Corporate beard is a full but meticulously groomed facial hair style conveying professionalism and seriousness. Its even length characterizes it, typically kept short to medium, and its well-defined borders along the cheeks and neck.

The mustache seamlessly blends into the beard, which should be regularly trimmed to maintain a neat and uniform appearance. This beard style can enhance facial features, giving the jawline and chin a fuller look.

Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard Charlie HunnamPin
The Ducktail beard lends Charlie Hunnam a rugged yet crafted appearance. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

The Ducktail beard is characterized by the beard hair being allowed to grow longer on the chin to resemble the shape of a duck’s tail, while the hair on the cheeks and sideburns is kept shorter for contrast. This style combines the careful grooming of a corporate beard with the bold statement of longer facial hair.

It suits various face shapes and adds a visual interest that draws attention to the lower face.

Faded Beard

Faded Beard MarioPin
Mario’s Faded beard exemplifies contemporary style, seamlessly blending hair and beard for a unified look. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

The Faded beard is a modern style that creates a smooth transition from the sideburns down to the beard. This style requires precision, as the fade must be carefully blended to avoid harsh lines.

A skilled barber with the right tools can customize the fade to complement hair density and facial structure, enhancing the cheek and jawline.

French Fork Beard

French Fork Beard Johnny DeppPin
Johnny Depp’s French Fork beard is an ode to vintage charm. Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

The French Fork beard is a unique style characterized by the beard splitting down the middle into two segments at the chin, resembling a fork. It’s an avant-garde take on the full beard, combining length and distinct styling.

This style offers an edgy twist to the traditional beard, implying a personality that appreciates the blend of old-world fashion with a touch of rebelliousness.

Full Beard

Full Beard Jake GyllenhaalPin
Jake Gyllenhaal’s Full beard exemplifies a classic look that radiates natural ruggedness. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

A Full beard is about letting facial hair grow naturally, achieving a thick, uniform coverage across the face. Regular trimming helps maintain shape and remove split ends, while beard oil can keep the hair conditioned and the skin moisturized.

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard Conor McGregorPin
The Garibaldi Beard grants Conor McGregor a bold statement of masculinity and effortless style. Photo: G Holland /

The Garibaldi beard, inspired by Giuseppe Garibaldi, is a full, rounded beard that combines volume with a touch of unrefined sophistication. This beard style is characterized by its broad, bushy appearance and slightly rounded bottom, which typically doesn’t extend more than 20 centimeters in length.

To maintain its characteristic shape, the beard should grow naturally while trimming is kept to a minimum—focusing on maintaining the rounded bottom and ensuring the moustache is well-groomed to prevent overgrowth.


Goatee Pierce BrosnanPin
Pierce Brosnan’s Goatee offers a sophisticated look that frames the mouth and chin. Photo: Denis Makarenko /

The Goatee is a classic facial hair style that features hair on the chin and usually includes a mustache. It is a versatile look that can be tailored to suit different face shapes and personal styles.

This beard style is often chosen by men who wish to accentuate their chin or disguise a soft jawline, as it draws attention to the lower part of the face.

Gunslinger Beard

Gunslinger BeardPin
The Gunslinger beard channels the rugged spirit of the Wild West. Photo: Shutterstock

The Gunslinger beard is often associated with the fearless outlaws of the Old West. It features long, full sideburns extending into a mustache while the chin remains clean-shaven or has a soul patch.

This style requires strategic grooming; the sideburns and mustache should be allowed to grow thick but kept well-trimmed to avoid a bushy appearance. The chin and neck should be shaved to emphasize the distinctive shape of the sideburns and mustache.

Hollywoodian Beard

Hollywoodian Beard Leonardo DiCaprioPin
For Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywoodian beard is a signature of timeless elegance. Photo: Debby Wong /

The Hollywoodian beard is defined by the absence of sideburns and a prominently full and often tapered beard that extends from the hairline past the jawline and chin. It frames the face by drawing attention to the mouth and jaw, combining traditional beard fullness with modern styling.

To perfect this style, regular shaping is needed to accentuate the face’s natural lines, and the cheeks should be kept clean-shaven to emphasize the beard’s standalone prominence.

Mutton Chops Beard

Mutton Chops BeardPin
Hugh Jackman’s Mutton Chops beard, worn in his portrayal of Wolverine, is iconic. Photo: IMAGO / United Archives

Mutton Chops are characterized by hair covering the jawline and extending to the cheekbones. At the same time, the chin remains clean-shaven, offering a distinctive look reminiscent of the 19th century with a modern twist.

To properly maintain this style, it’s essential to let the sideburns grow out thickly, trimming them carefully to ensure they cover the jawline and cheek area without encroaching on the mouth region.

Royale Beard

Royale Beard Jeremy RennerPin
The Royale Beard enhances Jeremy Renner’s charm, offering a sophisticated edge to the classic moustache and goatee combo. Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

The Royale Beard is a stylish combination of a moustache and a goatee without sideburns. It presents a clean and defined appearance and adds character to the face without the fullness of a traditional beard.

The cheeks should be kept clean-shaven to accentuate the distinct facial hair around the mouth and chin, which is the focal point of the Royale beard. It’s a versatile look that works well for different face shapes and is suitable for those who prefer a less is more approach in their grooming habits.

Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard Ewan McGregorPin
The Short Boxed beard provides Ewan McGregor with a neat and defined aesthetic. Photo: Tinseltown /

The Short Boxed beard is characterized by its neat lines and defined edges. It covers the jawline and chin with closely trimmed square facial hair. The mustache is typically connected to the beard, and the cheeks are well-groomed to maintain the beard’s boxed appearance.

Stubble / Five O’Clock Shadow

Stubble Sasha Baron CohenPin
Sasha Baron Cohen wears Stubble, a versatile beard style that adds a touch of effortless charisma. Photo: Photo Agency /

Stubble, often called the Five O’Clock Shadow, is the slight showing of facial hair that appears a few hours or days after shaving, depending on individual hair growth rates. It creates a rugged yet subtle look.

To maintain this style, trimmers with a stubble setting are used to keep the length consistent and the edges relatively natural. It’s a style that requires minimal effort but frequent grooming to ensure it doesn’t cross into an unkempt territory.

Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard Robert Downey JrPin
With the Van Dyke Beard, Robert Downey Jr. exudes a sense of refined artistry. Photo: s_bukley /

The Van Dyke Beard consists of a full goatee—that is, a circle beard with a mustache—that is not connected to the cheek hair and a mustache that is often styled to flair outward. This beard style requires precise shaving, leaving the cheeks and jawline clean while focusing on the meticulous shaping of the goatee and mustache.

It’s a beard style with historical significance, evoking the creativity and elegance of the 17th century. It represents a blend of old-world charm with a modern twist for the contemporary man.

Verdi Beard

Verdi BeardPin
The Verdi Beard showcases a look that is both classical and in tune with modern grooming trends. Photo: Shutterstock

The Verdi beard is distinguished by its sophisticated style. It combines a full beard, a rounded bottom, and a distinct, styled moustache. The moustache is often waxed to curl slightly at the ends, adding a touch of elegance.

The beard should be neatly trimmed and shaped to accentuate the face’s natural contours, giving a powerful but refined appearance. Regular grooming, including combing and using beard oils, is essential to maintain the beard’s shape and the moustache’s flair.

The Modern Narrative of Beard Styles

Brad Pitt BeardPin
A man’s beard, ever-changing like the role of an esteemed actor like Brad Pitt, narrates a unique story with each style. Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

Beard styles serve as chapters in the rich narrative of personal expression. Anchored not in the fleeting whims of fashion, they reflect the diverse fabric of individuality. The Anchor, Balbo, and Verdi are not simply selections in a catalog of trends but timeless expressions of identity and distinction.

These styles represent each man’s unique journey to carve out his image. Whether it be the quiet elegance of stubble or the Gunslinger’s audacious statement, every choice celebrates individuality, with every face telling a story and every beard a chapter to be told.

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