What to Wear with White Shoes: Casual to Formal

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Published March 1, 2023


Updated March 10, 2023

What to Wear with White Shoes Camel Coat White Sneakers
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Regarding style, attention to detail is paramount, and the right choice of footwear can make all the difference. Classic white shoes are a timeless and versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe, whether you prefer the laid-back cool of sneakers, the sophisticated polish of loafers, or a formal, classic shoe. But the burning thought on every fashion-conscious man’s mind is what to wear with white shoes.

Fear not, as we have several ideas for white shoe outfits. This guide will explore the different fashion combinations to make your footwear stand out and bring your fit together. So sit tight and get ready to learn how to rock your white kicks with confidence and flair.

What to Wear with White Shoes

Men can incorporate white footwear into their looks, from pairing them with a sleek black ensemble to dressing down a suit. We will also examine how white shoes can elevate a safari-inspired look, refine khakis or chinos, and make a statement with an all-white ensemble. 

So, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, there’s a way to wear white footwear for every occasion. Let’s take a closer look at these stylish outfit ideas and discover how to wear white shoes with confidence:

Black and White Shoes Outfit

Black Sweater Jeans Men's Clothing How to Wear White Sneakers
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Specific color combinations are simply timeless. One such pairing is the classic contrast of darker colors like black with white, which exudes a sense of effortless sophistication and style. While there is nothing wrong with black shoes, for the modern man looking g to make a statement, nothing complements a sleek black ensemble like a crisp pair of white sneakers. 

Whether you opt for a black button-down shirt or a laid-back black tee and leather jacket paired with fitted black jeans or relaxed jogger pants, the addition of a casual shoe instantly elevates your look to new heights. And for those who want to take things up a notch, a well-tailored blazer is the perfect way to transform this casual ensemble into a smart casual outfit perfect for work or a night out with friends. 

So go ahead and embrace the power of this classic color combination, and step out in style with a black and white outfit topped off with a pair of white sneakers.

A Fantastic Coat

H&M Camel Coat Pleated Trousers White Sneakers Men's Outfit
Photo: H&M

There’s something effortlessly chic about a well-coordinated men’s look, and one combination that never fails to impress is the pairing of a stylish coat with a crisp pair of white sneakers. This classic look is perfect for any occasion, from a casual day out to a formal event. 

A sleek black coat, for example, looks ultra-sharp when paired with fresh white sneakers or athletic shoes. Or, for a bolder statement, consider a different color, such as a navy blue or camel coat, paired with branded shoes for men, like the Air Force 1, one of Nike’s best white sneakers. 

The key to nailing this look is to keep your ensemble simple and streamlined, allowing your coat and footwear to take center stage. So if you want to elevate your wardrobe this season, look no further than the classic mix of a coat and white footwear.

Safari-Inspired Look

Mango Safari Jacket White Sneakers Jeans
Photo: Mango

For the modern man with a penchant for adventure, a safari-inspired look is a stylish way to channel your inner explorer. And nothing complements this rugged aesthetic like white footwear; whether sporting a khaki shirt or a safari jacket paired with cargo pants or shorts, white footwear instantly adds a touch of refinement to your ensemble. 

From classic leather loafers to trendy white sneakers, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to this versatile look. And for those looking to take things up a notch, consider pairing your safari look with a sleek white fedora or aviator sunglasses for an exquisite finish. 

So embrace your inner adventurer and elevate your safari look with a pair of crisp white footwear that is stylish and functional.

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans White Sneakers Men's Style Banana Republic
Photo: Banana Republic

There are a few pairings as classic and timeless as blue jeans and white footwear. This versatile combination exudes a sense of effortless cool that is perfect for any occasion, from a laid-back weekend to a night out with friends. Whether you prefer slim-fit denim or classic straight-leg jeans, adding fresh white sneakers or boat shoes adds a touch of polish to your look. 

And for those looking to take things up a notch, consider pairing your denim with a crisp white dress shirt or a trendy denim jacket for a modern twist on this timeless look. The key to pulling off this stylish combination is to keep things simple and understated, allowing your denim and white footwear to take center stage. 

Wear with Shorts

Summer Style Shorts White Sneakers Men
Photo: COS

As the weather warms up and the sun shines bright, it’s time to switch up your wardrobe and embrace the carefree style of spring and summer months. And there’s no better way to do that than pairing stylish shorts with white footwear. Whether you prefer tailored chino shorts or comfortable cotton Bermuda shorts, adding crisp white sneakers or loafers instantly elevates your ensemble. 

And for those looking to add bright colors, consider pairing your shorts with a polo shirt or patterned button-down for a playful yet sophisticated look. Whether heading to a beachside barbecue or a rooftop party, this versatile combination will turn heads and keep you cool and comfortable all season long. 

Finally, add white flip-flops to the mix if you’re heading to the beach or a pool party. So this spring and summer, step up your personal style with a pair of white footwear and practical and stylish shorts.

George Russell Pulls Off the Chic Shorts Look

On the second of March, 2023, George Russell graced the Bahrain Grand Prix with a sartorial spectacle. The British racing sensation effortlessly put the “shorts and white sneakers” look to the test, showcasing a smart ensemble courtesy of fashion powerhouse Tommy Hilfiger. Russell’s choice of attire featured the brand’s signature relaxed-fit striped shorts and a sleek half-zip top, reminiscent of the timeless prep classics. A perfect blend of style and comfort, Russell’s outfit was undoubtedly a winner on and off the track.

Dress Down a Suit

Mango Suit White Sneakers Style Men
Photo: Mango

A well-tailored suit paired with white sneakers is incredible when dressing to impress. This timeless combination exudes confidence and style, perfect for any formal occasion, from a wedding to a business meeting. Whether you opt for a classic navy suit or a bold pinstripe pattern, adding sleek white sneakers adds a touch of modernity to your ensemble. 

And for those looking to make a statement, consider pairing your suit with a brightly colored shirt or patterned tie for a pop of personality. With this polished yet contemporary look, you can turn heads and make a lasting impression. So if you’re looking to up your fashion game this season, look no further than the classic pairing of a suit and white sneakers. 

If it fits the dress code, you can make a statement wherever you go with this chic combo.

White Shoes with Khakis or Chinos

Club Monaco Chinos White Sneakers Men's Style Outfit
Photo: Club Monaco

A few combinations are as effortlessly excellent as khakis or chinos with white footwear for a stylish yet casual look. Whether you prefer classic straight-leg chinos or comfortable khaki shorts, adding fresh white sneakers or loafers adds a touch of refinement to your ensemble. This versatile look is perfect for any occasion, from a weekend brunch to exploring the city. 

And for those looking to add a pop of color, consider pairing your chinos with a brightly colored polo shirt or patterned button-down for a playful yet sophisticated look. With this timeless yet contemporary combination, you can turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. So this season, embrace the relaxed yet refined classic style of khakis and white footwear and let your fashion sense shine.

All White

What to Wear with White Sneakers: All-white Smart Casual Male Model White Shirt Pants Sneakers
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Who said you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day? For the modern man, sporting an all-white outfit with white footwear is the ultimate sartorial statement year-round. But pairing white shoes with a white ensemble can be tricky. The key to nailing this look is to choose footwear that complements the outfit rather than overpower it. 

Opt for a classic, clean look with white sneakers with minimal detailing. Low tops or high tops can work, depending on the occasion. Complete the look with white jeans or tailored white pants and a crisp white shirt for a polished finish. Pay attention to the details, wearing no-show socks or white socks.

To add a touch of texture:

  1. Consider layering with a white linen blazer or shirt.
  2. Remember, the devil is in the details when wearing an all-white outfit with white shoes.
  3. Keep accessories simple, with minimal jewelry and a neutral belt to tie the look together.

Final Words

White shoes are a fashion staple that every stylish man should have in his wardrobe. White shoes can take your style game to the next level, whether you choose white sneakers, loafers, or formal footwear. The question remains, however, of how to wear them.

Whether dressing up or dressing down, there are many different ways to rock white footwear in every situation. White shoes can make a statement from a sleek black outfit to a safari-inspired look or even an all-white ensemble. The key is to keep things simple and understated, allowing your white shoes to be the center of attention. 

Keep accessories to a minimum, and let the footwear do the talking. Following these tips, you can confidently wear white shoes and turn heads wherever you go. So elevate your style with a timeless pair of white shoes.

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