The Secret To Smelling Great: A Guide For Men



Published February 19, 2021


Updated May 3, 2024

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We have all experienced smelling a little less-than-fresh at some point in our day.  Do you want to smell amazing all the time? Read on to learn the secret of smelling amazing.

One of the biggest nuisances humans have to fight against daily is body odor. During a long stressful day, a few hours after that refreshing shower, some odor production is unavoidable. The worst part is smelling bad is that it doesn’t just stick to body odor; you also have to worry about your feet or breath smelling bad.

It is super unfair how male bodies are built a certain way, making it very difficult to avoid pungent, bad bodily smells. Then again, it is biology, and we can’t stop it. But, of course, it is possible to fight off any kind of foul smell.

Yes, there are ways you can always smell nice. Here are some secret tricks that can keep any man smelling fragrant and fresh all the time.

But, First, What Causes Bad Bodily Smells?

Bad bodily smells are mostly caused by bacteria on our bodies. Whether it is your smelly armpit or embarrassing bad breath, the smell comes from bacteria activity. 

Human sweat has no smell. There are two types of sweat. The first kind is called eccrine sweat, which is mostly saltwater. Eccrine sweat is released to regulate body temperature during physical activity and when the weather is hot out. The other is the fatty sweat called apocrine which comes from some specific body parts – generally around hair follicles close to our groin and axillary regions.  Our sex hormones stimulate the secretion of this type of sweat. Both these secretions are odorless. 

Some bacteria live on our skin’s surface that uses sweat, dead cells, and oils we secrete to create food for themselves. This chemical breakdown creates body odor. Similarly, bad breath is also produced by bacterias in our mouths.

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The Secrets To Smelling Great

Fighting bad smells is about more than just finding the right cologne or deodorant for yourself. But colognes and scents help mask the odor. 

To truly tackle the root cause of body odor, be sure you also use the following secret tricks:

Shower 101

One way to reduce body odor is by showering properly and at the right times. Since a man often produces more body odor than a woman, showering twice a day isn’t a bad idea. Try not to go to the office without showering, especially after working out.

You may want to move your exercising time if you can’t shower after morning workouts. Always try to shower after any activity that requires physical exertion. When showering, try to use any type of body scrubber. By scrubbing away oil and dead skin, you can reduce body odor.

Try not to use a strongly scented soap because that perfume will create a worse smell when you sweat. Use a gentle body wash without soap, as fat residue from soap also becomes bacteria food.

Hair Maintenance

Men also tend to be hairier than women, and although the display of hair has always been a symbol of strong manhood, it can worsen body odor.

Trim (or shave) the hair in unwanted places, especially your armpits, regularly. It won’t matter how dashingly you dress or well you accessorize if you have smelly armpits! So a little manscaping is going to go a long way to prevent body odor.

The problem with hairy places is that they create a warm, humid environment where bacteria can thrive. Try to wear cotton underwear and change them daily.

Keep the area as dry as possible, and try using a scent-free deodorizing moisture-absorbing powder. Also, consider using jock itch powders or sprays to keep your privates dry and germ-free.

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Use Deodorant

If your armpits are clean and hairless, a deodorant will work wonderfully to keep away body odor. There is a lot of debate about whether to opt for a deodorant or an antiperspirant.

The idea of antiperspirants might seem more attractive, but they can be potentially harmful to your health. Even without harmful ingredients, it can block your pores and cause rashes or pimples. If you use antiperspirants, scrub your armpits daily during showers.

Use mild-smelling deodorants, and always try to go for natural deodorants. You can also opt for body sprays instead, but don’t use too much of it. If a person can smell you from a mile away, you have put on too much of it.

Choosing Cologne

Choosing the appropriate cologne for yourself requires a bit of a thought process.  The right cologne depends on many factors like the season, the occasion, and how you want to express your personality.  Your scent is one of the first sensory experiences people will have of you.


For summer and spring, opt for colognes with minty, citrusy, musky, and fresh oceanic scents. If you like floral notes, you can also opt for that, especially for night outings when the weather is warm.

For winter and autumns, go for deep notes such as wood, spices, leather, etc. Dark floral notes crafted for men such as smoky rose or jasmine will also work well.

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Personality Traits

You would know best what scent suits your personality moods for the occasion. But, if you want a general idea, you can opt for the following:

A social, friendly man with an outgoing/extrovertish personality usually opts for a fresh, casual look—colognes with fresh, crisp notes like citrus or bergamot, mint, and floral notes will fit this look.

Introvertish man must go for something subtle and not overpowering, such as light musk, leather, or soft earthy perfume.

You can also express your seductive, mysterious side with woody and dark floral notes, or you can opt for notes like sandalwood or cedarwood, spices like clove or cinnamon, and tobacco.

Watch What You Eat

Some food we eat can make us smell bad. . Avoid eating food items that create body odor, particularly before meetings, events, dates, etc.

When out drinking socially, try not to overdo it, especially if you have a special event the next day. Alcohol being released from your pores will make more food for the bacteria and more body odor for you. Flush out the alcohol from your system by drinking plenty of water and booze detox juice.

Avoid eating garlic, onion, spices, and other strong-smelling food during social meals. Brush immediately after eating or carry a small bottle of mouthwash. Always carry and use breath mints to freshen your breath after every meal if you plan on interacting with others after.

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Using Aftershave

Aftershaves are a great way to keep smelling great, especially because your face often doesn’t create too much body odor. Therefore, the smell of your aftershave doesn’t go bad easily.

Opt for aftershave that has a classic scent such as musks or spices. Or you can go for citrus or mint-scented aftershave as well. Make sure to use an aftershave that suits your skin.


Smelling great is about more than just using perfume or deodorant. You must make sure you make healthy and hygienic lifestyle choices on a daily basis. From eating the right foods to manscaping to showering, and using the right products, there are many ways to prevent body odor.

Now that you know all the secrets tricks, do the rest of humanity a giant favor – and – always – keep smelling amazing.

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