Ryan Gosling Draws Luggage Envy in Gucci Valigeria Campaign

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Published October 2, 2022

Ryan Gosling Gucci Valigeria Campaign 2022 Cart Luggage Beach
Pulling a cart of luggage from the Gucci Savoy collection, Ryan Gosling fronts the Gucci Valigeria campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford / Gucci

Gucci delivers “The Experience of the Unexpected” with its most recent advertisement, which features actor Ryan Gosling and the Gucci Valigeria line. The travel selection houses the Gucci Savoy collection, which comprises duffel bags, trolleys, trunks, hard and soft suitcases, beauty cases, and hat boxes. 

Ryan Gosling Studded Suit Gucci Valigeria Campaign 2022
Donning a studded suit for the Gucci Valigeria campaign, Ryan Gosling appears in a hotel room full of Gucci Savoy luggage. Photo: Glen Luchford / Gucci

Ryan Gosling for Gucci Valigeria Campaign

Gucci has enlisted Ryan Gosling as the face of its Gucci Valigeria campaign. Gosling joins forces with the fashion house after making quite the style statement for himself worldwide by wearing standout pieces from Gucci while promoting “The Gray Man.”

Ryan Gosling Yellow Suit Jacket Gucci Valigeria Campaign 2022
Ryan Gosling hits the road with designer luggage in toll for the Gucci Valigeria campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford / Gucci

Glen Luchford photographs Ryan Gosling for the Gucci Valigeria campaign. The photos capture the whimsical essence of the Italian brand and blur the barrier between dreams and reality. Meanwhile, Christopher Simmonds served as art director for the advertisement, working once again closely with Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director.

Ryan Gosling Tropical Print Shirt Gucci Valigeria Campaign 2022
Making a phone call, Ryan Gosling is surrounded by covetable luggage as part of the Gucci Valigeria campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford / Gucci

“Travel for Gucci was never purely physical,” says Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. “Gucci is the brand that accompanied the artists, writers, actors, and directors of Hollywood on their journeys.”

Ryan Gosling Pinstripe Suit Gucci Valigeria Campaign 2022
Sharp in a pinstripe suit, Ryan Gosling fronts the Gucci Valigeria campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford / Gucci

Drawing inspiration from Tinseltown, Michele explains, “This is why I wanted the advertising campaign to recount a situationist dimension where the protagonist traverses a ‘non-place’ that is first and foremost a mental place, the same as those who, in the past and present, choose Gucci because they grasp the significance of creativity used to build imaginary places.” Michele adds, “And it is for this reason that a Gucci suitcase appears as a magical suitcase.”

Ryan Gosling Reading Gucci Valigeria Campaign 2022
Reading a gossip mag and surrounded by designer luggage, Ryan Gosling stars in the Gucci Valigeria campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford / Gucci

The Gucci Valigeria ad, which includes the Gucci Savoy line, has Ryan Gosling as the face of the brand. The collection makes an impact with its travel accessories that mix heritage-infused design features like the GG monogram or web stripe with a classic look.

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