Simon Rex Talks to WSJ. About ‘Red Rocket’ & Those Videos

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Published December 8, 2021

Simon Rex wears a Loewe leather jacket with a Levi's jean jacket for WSJ. magazine.
Simon Rex wears a Loewe leather jacket with a Levi’s jean jacket for WSJ. magazine.

The latest issue of WSJ. magazine shines a spotlight on Simon Rex. In the wake of Sean Baker’s follow-up to The Florida Project, Red Rocket, the former MTV VJ, rapper, and Scary Movie veteran was interviewed by the publication to discuss his buzzworthy performance in the film. Rex, 47, was photographed by Pat Martin in Venice Beach, California, for the feature. Christian Stroble, on the other hand, styled Rex in high-end outerwear.

Pat Martin photographs Simon Rex for WSJ. magazine.
Pat Martin photographs Simon Rex for WSJ. magazine.

Rex on Those Videos

Rex’s work in Red Rocket may be the beginning of a career resurgence for him. The past controversy, on the other hand, has not been forgotten. As an MTV VJ and model, Rex’s career stalled after the discovery of solo videos he had shot to provide for his former girlfriend and her 2-year-old son. It was hard for Rex to move on from his past, but he doesn’t think he needs an apology. “I just think that there shouldn’t be as much shame surrounding certain things as there was in the past.”

Rex adds, “I think it’s time that we all sort of grow up—especially after this last year and a half. I think we’re realizing what’s important. I think the narrative is changing. I don’t want an apology from anybody. I just think that I deserve a chance to have a Hollywood career. And I have been given that, so I’m just thankful.”

Donning a Louis Vuitton coat, Simon Rex poses for the pages of WSJ. magazine.
Donning a Louis Vuitton coat, Simon Rex poses for the pages of WSJ. magazine.

Simon Rex in ‘Red Rocket’

Discussing his character in Red Rocket, Rex says, “He’s a horrible, selfish, narcissistic sociopath who hurts everyone in his path.” Reflecting on his character’s destructive traits, Rex explains, “Maybe he doesn’t know what he’s doing, almost like a cute dog that chews up the f—ing carpet and pees and you’re mad at it, but he’s cute…. He’s just kind of surviving and hustling out of necessity. But I wanted the audience to feel conflicted about how they felt about him, so that was my job.”

Actor Simon Rex stars in a new feature for WSJ. magazine.
Actor Simon Rex stars in a new feature for WSJ. magazine.

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