Marni Mania: KayCyy Makes a Splash for Mr Porter

September 19, 2022
KayCyy Mr Porter Marni Pink Leather Tracksuit 2022
Making a statement in pink, KayCyy wears a Marni striped leather tracksuit with shearling mules. Photo: Danny Kasirye / Mr Porter

Marni Mania is the name of the first unique Marni capsule collection for Mr Porter. The upscale retailer celebrates the launch of the 26-piece collection by adding a new entry to The Journal. Rapper KayCyy is front and center in the Marni collection, linking up with photographer Danny Kasirye. Meanwhile, stylist Otter Hatchett outfits KayCyy in head-turning Marni looks that include a striped pink leather tracksuit, mohair sweaters, and a statement-making shearling jacket.

KayCyy in Marni for Mr Porter The Journal

KayCyy Rapper Shirtless 2022 Mr Porter Marni Shearling Trapper Hat
Rapper KayCyy dons a Marni striped shearling trapper hat. Photo: Danny Kasirye / Mr Porter

Marni creative director Francesco Risso connects with KayCyy for The Journal. KayCyy shares his affinity for the Marni brand. “You just know a Marni piece when you look at it,” says KayCyy. “The ideas, the creativity, the stepping out of the box. And I love the fact that you talk about the people you work with as a family.”

KayCyy Rapper Mr Porter Marni 2022 Photoshoot
Connecting with Mr Porter, KayCyy wears a Marni logo-flocked cotton-jersey hoodie with logo-print shorts, striped socks, and shearling mules. Photo: Danny Kasirye / Mr Porter

Francesco Risso explains his role as Marni’s creative director, “I just don’t like that whole egocentric thing.” The designer shares, “It’s been a huge exercise for me to get away from that typical fashion world structure: I’m trying to work in a circular way, rather than as a pyramid with me at the top.” 

KayCyy Mr Porter Marni Shearling Hooded Jacket Pink Leather Trackpants 2022
In front and center, KayCyy wears a Marni striped shearling hooded jacket with pink leather track pants. Photo: Danny Kasirye / Mr Porter

Risso confides, “I know I have so much to learn from the other people around me. I want everyone around me to feel free to give their interpretation of what they’re seeing. Any kind of collaboration–with you, or with anyone else we work with at Marni–it has to be an exchange.”

KayCyy Striped Mohair Sweater Shorts Mr Porter Marni 2022
Sporting a relaxed look, KayCyy wears a Marni striped mohair-blend sweater, drawstring shorts, and cotton-blend socks with shearling mules. Photo: Danny Kasirye / Mr Porter

The exclusive Marni collection offered by Mr Porter consists of various items, ranging from clothes to accessories, and includes cotton-jersey t-shirts, shorts, socks, and more. “We are delighted to launch this first exclusive collection with our friends at Marni,” says Mr Porter buying director Sam Kershaw

KayCyy Mr Porter Marni Photoshoot 2022 Pink Fashions Men
Starring in a photo shoot for Mr Porter’s The Journal, KayCyy dons a pink Marni camp-collar logo shirt with cotton-jersey shorts layered with wide-leg logo-print silk-twill shorts, striped socks, and shearling mules. Photo: Danny Kasirye / Mr Porter

Kershaw explains, “The house continues to grow in cultural significance, attracting a new and exciting audience via its modern design aesthetic. There is a strong appetite for the brand among our customers, so we are pleased to have worked with Marni to create a special, original collection exclusively to them.”

KayCyy Mr Porter Marni 2022 Striped Mohair Sweater Pants Beanie
It’s all about CO-ORD style as KayCyy sports a Marni striped mohair-blend sweater, pants, and beanie. Photo: Danny Kasirye / Mr Porter

Marni for Mr Porter Collection

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