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Published June 16, 2010


Unique model Oskar Tranum has had quite the year. Completing high school and diving headfirst into modeling full-time, Oskar made a splash during this past January’s fashion week and has since made editorial appearances in magazines, ranging from Vogue Russia and 10 Men to Citizen K. At the age of nineteen, the world is opening up to the Danish youth and meeting him with a friendly embrace. From Denmark and Paris to Milan, Oskar Tranum is one of this year’s brightest faces on the rise.


How were you discovered?

Oskar Tranum: I was discovered on the main walking street of Copenhagen. I was with a friend, having really bad hangovers and wasn’t feeling very pretty, when a scout from my Danish agency (Unique Models) came to me and asked whether I was a model and so on. First I thought he was fooling me so I was being really rejective.

So, when did you start modeling?

Oskar Tranum: Shortly after I was discovered, some friends of mine convinced me that it wasn’t a prank and after a short email correspondence I met with the agency and started soon after. It was almost two years ago, but due to school and exams and so on I haven’t been able to travel. So this past season was sort of my first.


Photo by Alasdair McLellan

Do you recall your first shoot?

Oskar Tranum: Yeah, what a mess! I had to rush from a high school exam straight to a studio. I was an hour late and when I got there I had no idea what to do. But another guy from my agency helped me and told me what to do and so. And even though I cried a little bit on every picture because of the make-up and a wind-blowing-machine-thing it was a very funny experience.

What is your most memorable shoot to date?

Oskar Tranum: Probably the Vogue Russia shoot with Alasdair McLellan. Or a GQ shoot in Paris I did a couple of weeks ago. The shoot took place an hour south of Paris in an old derelict factory. Beautiful setting and very nice people.

Your shoot for Vogue Russia was rather revealing. How was that? What was it like to work with Simon and Alessandra?

Oskar Tranum: The shoot was fun and challenging. Alasdair McLellan and Katie Grand were both really professional and knew exactly what they wanted. Simon and Alessandra are great. They were both really nice and polite and they did exactly what they were told to do.


Photo by Driu & Tiago

You literally glistened for your shoot with Driu & Tiago…what exactly did they put on you?

Oskar Tranum: It was during fashion week in Paris and I only had two hours or so in between castings and fittings to do the shoot. But it was really fun. The glistening thing was some sort of body oil they used on all of us. Very nice, smelled of some mix between lime/lemon and vanilla. I felt very tempted and I can now assure you that it smells better than it tastes ha ha

How was your experience this past January during the fall 2010 shows?

Oskar Tranum: I enjoyed it very much. Paris is an amazing city. Very beautiful and with so much to see. I didn’t really see much of Milan because Prada hooked me up with a hotel room just a few blocks from Via Bergamo. But fashion week on a whole was a really fun thing to experience, I met so many interesting and fun people during those weeks.


Where do you currently live?

Oskar Tranum: I still live in my home town. But hopefully I’ll move somewhere soon. There’s not much to do in the country side ha ha

How has your life changed in the last year?

Oskar Tranum: It has changed from having a normal high school everyday to traveling all over Europe. Said in an other way: it has got much more fun! I meet new people all the time and I experience so much more than I would do if I didn’t have this job.


Photo by Ola Rindal

What music are you currently listening to?

Oskar Tranum: I study music and drumming back home and I’m really into jazz. Currently I’m listening to some old Blue Note records with artists like John Coltrane and Blue Mitchell. But also a lot of newer pop, rock, funk, and electronica. Currently I’m in to the Norwegian band Beady Belle – you should definitely check that out!


Definitely–moving on to your personal style…what is a typical outfit for you? Are you into fashion?

Oskar Tranum: Since this [past] fashion week, I’ve become more and more interested in fashion and the industry. But I catch myself in looking more at the models and their expressions than the clothes ha ha. A typical outfit for me is very relaxed. I’m a big fan of Converse shoes, slim fit jeans and flannels. Sunglasses, hats, and scarfs too. But I like colors and clothes so it’s always changing.

You are boarding a plane, what is in your carry-on?

Oskar Tranum: Passport, wallet, Macbook, books, iPod, a little salmon tartare and a French horn just for the fun of it.


What activities do you enjoy?

Oskar Tranum: Modeling, music, especially drumming, photographing, arts, meeting people, to travel, going to see galleries in the different cities I visit, hanging around and going to parties with my friends. I’m also very fond of food and wine.

What does your future hold?

Oskar Tranum: I’m not sure yet. I’m planning to apply for admittance to the Music Academy in Copenhagen. But right now I’m just enjoying life; modeling, traveling and meeting people.


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