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Updated December 24, 2022

Pictured left to right: Tyson Beckford, Chad White, Jason Morgan, Noah Mills, and Brad KroenigPin
Pictured left to right: Tyson Beckford, Chad White, Jason Morgan, Noah Mills, and Brad Kroenig

Everyone knows that male models are born with near-perfect good looks, but it takes serious dedication to stay in supermodel shape. Besides working out, eating a healthy diet will compensate for what can not be done at the gym. Although most models starting don’t worry about what they eat, metabolism slows down once you approach 30.

And in this guide, we put together a list of five men over 30 still working today. Checking in with Steele Williams, celebrity PT and leading provider of PT courses, who sums it up, “as we age, we often get less active while sticking to roughly the same diet.”

Williams continues, “This could be because we are having children, promotions at work, life gets more arduous, and we make less time for exercise.” So if you want to cut some fat or focus on healthy eating, check out these male model diet plans.

Tyson Beckford

Tyson BeckfordPin
Tyson Beckford photographed by Max Papendieck for VMAN.

Known for appearing in campaigns for brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tyson Beckford is famous for his six-pack abs. Besides keeping up in the gym, the American model considers himself a big fan of smoothies. “One of my favorites is a mixture of apple, kale, orange, grapefruit, and celery,” he tells Pop Sugar.

Tyson also adds that he does not add extra protein to his smoothies because he already gets a lot. “I eat so much chicken and fish, I’m pretty good on the protein. Once in a while, I’ll do peanut butter.”

Chad White

Chad White travels to Palm Springs for an editorial in GQ Style Russia.Pin
Chad White photographed by Jegor Zaika for GQ Style Russia.

Chad White is another model known for staying in shape. He’s been the face of companies such as Diesel, Loewe, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren. He has parlayed his career into becoming a fitness guru in recent years. As for diet, he recommends eating clean and avoiding snacking at least two hours before bedtime.

Rather than having a beer, he switches out the carb-filled drink with vodka sodas or tequila. He also told Huffington Post that he indulges once a week–binging on Fridays and loves to have cookies.

Brad Kroenig

Brad Kroenig photographed for Arena Homme Plus.Pin
Brad Kroenig photographed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch for Arena Homme Plus.

Karl Lagerfeld muse Brad Kroenig has modeled for many prestigious brands, including Fendi, Chanel, and Lagerfeld’s label. At almost 40 years old, he says he is in the best shape of his life. In an interview with the NY Post, Brad talks about doing a radical diet where he eats six to seven cups of rice daily.

Sports nutritionist Nate Miyaki devised the radical plan. “I feel like a rebel eating so many carbs,” Brad says. “It’s like I was brainwashed for 15 years by the fitness world [about] how bad carbs are.”

His daily diet is the following:
Breakfast: 3 hard-boiled eggs, ½ cup of rice, black coffee
Lunch: 8 oz of lean protein, 1 cup of steamed basmati rice, and unlimited steamed vegetables
Dinner: 8 oz of lean protein, 5 cups of steamed basmati rice, and unlimited steamed vegetables

Noah Mills

A summer vision, Noah Mills flashes his six-pack as he stars in Pedro del Hierro's spring-summer 2017 campaign.Pin
Noah Mills for Pedro del Hierro.

Another successful male model is Noah Mills. His handsome looks have landed him spots in advertising campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and more. Born in Canada, Noah tells Men’s Health UK that eating healthy keeps his Adonis body intact.

“I have a lot of smoothies: kale, coconut water, hemp seed, banana, and protein. I see them made in front of me, so I know it’s got all the ingredients I want with the protein that I need. Other than that, I basically follow a paleo-man diet—fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit; lots of protein, easy on the carbs.”

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan photographed for Men's Health Romania.Pin
Jason Morgan photographed by McKnight Peterson for Men’s Health Romania.

Appearing shirtless in multiple fragrance campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Jason Morgan happens to have the perfect body. He also fronted underwear advertisements for Emporio Armani through the years.

When it comes to his diet, he believes in eating clean. “I try to cut out sugar and processed foods as much as possible. Lean protein and veggies are probably what I tend to eat the most. I eat less red meat than I used to,” he tells Daily Front Row.

male model diet shakePin
Photo: Shutterstock

What Do Male Models Eat?

We made it. Here’s the answer to the age-old question, “What do male models eat?” The short answer is a lot of clean, healthy foods like lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. But the specifics vary depending on the individual.

For example, Tyson Beckford is known for his six-pack abs and love of smoothies. He blends apple, kale, orange, grapefruit, and celery into his favorite concoction, which he says provides all the protein he needs without any additional supplements.

Other famous models like Brad Kroenig and Chad White follow strict diets to maintain their sculpted physiques. Brad swears that eating six to seven cups of white rice daily fuels his Adonis body.

As for Chad, he is a big fan of eating healthy with the occasional splurge. The top model told Fashion Week Daily, “I cook a lot. Veggie burgers on the grill, turkey burgers, quinoa protein bowls, egg white omelets, chocolate chip banana pancakes, homemade brownies, baked sweet potato fries.”

male fitness model diet protein eggs shirtlessPin
Photo: Shutterstock

What is the Fitness Model Diet Plan for Males?

For fitness models, having a well-toned physique is essential to their success. To achieve that enviable physique of a fitness model, meal prepping is vital. Opt for 40-50% of your daily calorie intake from carbs, 25-30% from fats, and 25-30% from proteins.

Be mindful of holding back sodium and sugar consumption while steering clear of saturated fats! To see results, eating clean should be at the core of this dietary plan. Male models need to limit their consumption of alcohol.

As tempting as happy hours and wine tastings may be, these activities can slow down weight loss efforts and increase abdominal fat accumulation. Try opting for low-calorie, sugar-free drinks like water or club soda when you’re out within.

Not only do many male models shun alcohol, but even those that partake should remain accountable for their consumption. To help ensure your safety, Soberlink offers a range of highly effective alcohol monitoring systems.

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Photo: Shutterstock

Final Words

Whether you’re a male model or simply trying to eat healthily and stay in shape, many different diets can help you achieve your goals. And while the specifics may vary from person to person, the main principles of a healthy diet remain the same: eating plenty of clean, wholesome foods like lean protein, vegetables, and fruits.

So whether you opt for a radical carb-heavy diet like Brad Kroenig or stick to simple, clean meals like Tyson Beckford, there are plenty of options to help you reach—and maintain—your ideal body shape. For the best advice on dieting, gaining a model-like physique, and finding other top fitness tips, check out this incredible beginner’s fitness guide at Top Review Zone.

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