How to Choose a Hat for Your Hairstyle

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People wear hats for several reasons—to keep their heads cool in hot weather or warm in cold weather or protect their heads against the outside elements. But most importantly, they’re one of the most striking fashion accessories you can put on, and every culture has its kind of hat or head cover. That implies that there are a lot of hat styles that you can opt for in the market.  

In addition, hats can be suitable for complementing your dress and face shape. On the other hand, when you buy a new hat, there are other things to consider. It would be best if you also thought about your hair’s length, texture, and style. This approach lets you make your hat more distinct and emphasize your style. But how will you choose a hat that will fit your hairstyle?  

If you’ve come to this guide to find the answer, continue reading; we will address that precisely.

Curly Hair or Afro

If you have an afro or natural curls, finding a hat that accommodates your hairstyle can be challenging. Many conventional hat materials, such as bulky knits and wool, can cause brittleness and dryness in curly hair. To prevent these issues, opt for satin or silk materials that reduce frizz, minimize friction, and retain moisture. One suitable option is a SLAP hat, a beanie-like accessory with a satin lining that keeps your curly hair healthy during colder seasons.

Other suitable hats for curly hair include:

  • Backless Caps
  • Baseball Caps
  • Bucket Hats

Bucket hats, in particular, offer a versatile and stylish option for individuals with curly hair. They feature a wide, downward-sloping brim and a soft, unstructured crown, providing ample room for natural curls while protecting against the sun. 4inbandana offers a unique twist on this classic style by allowing you to personalize the design. 

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Long Hair

Many hat styles can accommodate long hair, whether curly, straight, or wavy. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; the ideal choice depends on your aesthetic preferences and personal requirements. However, certain factors can help you select the right hat for long hair.

For summer, bucket or wide-brim sun hats are comfortable, lightweight, and cool while protecting against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Classic beanies are perfect for colder seasons, with many trendsetters donning them during fall and winter. Snapback hats are another popular option, offering an adjustable fit that suits various hairstyles and head sizes while adding a touch of street style to your outfit.

For a more formal look, consider Irish newsboy hats, which provide structure and a rounded bill that can soften a square jaw. These hats are not only functional but also serve as fashionable statements. For those inspired by this distinct style, one may want to buy an Irish hat to add a touch of elegance and tradition to their wardrobe.

Other types of hats that fit well with this type of hair are:

  • Baseball Cap
  • Trilby Hat
  • Beret Hat
  • Boater Hat

Overall, you can choose one of them to bring focus to your looks.


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Ponytails are a typical hairstyle that’s both fashionable and convenient. Though you may assume that only a few hats are available for this kind of hair, the truth is that there are plenty of possibilities for this hairstyle. 

For one, you can choose a pony cap; it allows you to rock your ponytail at various heights. Likewise, it has multiple styles and colors, like the half-mesh or full-mesh pony cap. You can also consider embroidered hats from companies specializing in thread-and-needle decorations, adding a touch of individuality to your headwear.

In addition, you can also wear a beanie. Some are created with 100% acrylic that offers a way to look attractive and remain warm across winter while allowing your ponytail to become visible. Some are also built with a stretchable hole at the top to give way to flowy and smooth ponytails.

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Short Hair

Short hair is a timeless trend, and various hats can suit it regardless of the season. For instance, the fedora is one of those that can be suitable during winter and summer. During summer, you can select a fedora made from felt or wool to complement your formal or smart attire. 

Likewise, you can also wear a wide-brim hat which should be one of your first options. Yet, when deciding to wear it, remember that the safest colors to try are brown and black, as they can fit any outfit. And so, you can wear a wide-brim hat with these two colors while experimenting with your style. 

Thirdly, you can also wear a beanie. Since it’s very flexible and can fit any hairstyle, a beanie can also be ideal for your short hair. You can securely put it on your head over the edges of your ears. Yet, pull some of your hair downwards to the front so it glints through the beanie. 

Lastly, wearing a visor is also great. A visor hat is open above the scalp. And so, it allows your head to get cooled compared to other hats. As such, it’s suitable if you have short hair and play sports.

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Final Words

Hats have always been a fashion statement for many people. Each culture has different types of hats, allowing you to have many alternatives. Likewise, to bring focus to your style and keep your hat more unique, you must know how to choose one that will fit your hairstyle. For instance, you can choose an Irish hat as part of the trend if you have long hair. 

You can also use a SLAP hat to limit frizz and friction to naturally curly hair. Third, wearing a wide-brim hat for a person with short hair is also ideal, and you can opt for ones with black or brown colors to fit your attire. Lastly, if you have a ponytail, you can wear a pony cap to have more freedom with the height of such hair, among others. Overall, ensure to follow the tips above to make yourself more stylish.

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