Bally Kicks Off New Era with Radical Luxury

Published on September 27, 2022

Bally is resetting its fashion direction under the leadership of its new creative director, Rhuigi Villaseñor, who infuses the brand with energy and a sense of newness. According to Villaseñor, “In fashion as in our daily lives, beauty is always linked to a sense of place and identity: Ideas and gestures we can understand and connect with on a personal level.” 

Describing his relationship with the Bally brand, Villaseñor recalls, “When I discovered the Bally universe, it was clear to me that my energy and my point of view would be the catalyst for a renaissance, two decades since the last Bally runway show.” The designer adds, “Placing Swiss craft and European art of living in harmony with my own American story, I’ve called this collection ECDYSIS1–a reset and a celebration of radical luxury.”

The first design work that Villaseñor has done for Bally is a global exploration of European luxury seen through the perspective of American culture. Villaseñor takes inspiration from the history of Bally and translates the leather quality of the design brand to ready-to-wear, delivering touches that have both a sense of refinement and charm.

This spring, Bally is universal. Bally’s man has a sense of style reflected in sportswear appropriate for various locations, from Santa Monica to Sankt Moritz. Silk velvet, summer wools, butter-soft suede, and stretch nappa are just a few luxurious materials that enhance the Bally wardrobe with its sophistication and ironic sense of nostalgia.

Bally Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

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