Charles Melton Celebrates Golden Holidays with BOSS

November 3, 2022
Charles Melton BOSS Holiday 2022 Campaign Men Polo Coat Joggers
Charles Melton dons a sporty luxe look from BOSS for the brand’s holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: BOSS

This year, BOSS is getting into the holiday spirit by launching a new golden campaign. American actor Charles Melton is the face of the holiday advertising for the German fashion label. Melton exemplifies what BOSS considers to be an ideal year of brilliant achievement and is hence deserving of a radiant holiday advertisement. 

Charles Melton appears in the stylish BOSS excursion on a dazzling set, photographed in front of mirrors and against golden backdrops. The ready-to-wear styles showcased by the actor, who is 31 years old, feature numerous pieces that would be fantastic options for giving as presents throughout the holiday season. 

Charles Melton BOSS Holiday 2022 Campaign Men Puffer Jacket
Ready for a cold winter, Charles Melton dons a puffer jacket for BOSS’ holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: BOSS

Actor Charles Melton is a source of inspiration for bold design statements such as a metallic puffer jacket paired with a pullover and joggers. The must-have item pairs well with fingerless gloves, patterned socks, a knit BOSS beanie, and sneakers. In a different photograph, Melton flaunts the brand’s signature combination of sport and luxury by wearing a ribbed polo and coat with “BOSS” adorned joggers.