Boho Groom Attire: Tradition with a Twist of Modernity

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Updated May 9, 2024

Boho Groom AttirePin
Get inspired with boho groom attire for the bohemian spirit.

In wedding fashion, the bohemian or boho style has carved out a significant niche, beloved for its ability to meld individuality with a relaxed yet chic aesthetic. Adopting the boho aesthetic for grooms offers a unique opportunity to express personal style and enjoy unmatched comfort throughout the festivities.

Boho Groom Attire

Boho Groom Attire WeddingPin
Bohemian groom attire blends sophistication with a naturalistic flair, setting the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Photo: Shutterstock

Boho style, rooted in the unconventional lives of 19th-century artists, writers, and travelers, brings a naturalistic flair to modern weddings, emphasizing personal expression and an intimate ambiance.

It’s here, in the choice of soft, flowing fabrics, earthy colors, and eclectic accessories, that boho style finds its perfect expression, setting the stage for a wedding day that’s as unforgettable as it is unique.

When planning a boho wedding, you must include these key elements in your wedding checklist to ensure that every aspect of the celebration captures the essence of this free-spirited and enchanting aesthetic.

Suits & Jackets

Boho Groom Attire Suit JacketPin
Relaxed blazers and lightweight jackets in earthy hues epitomize the boho groom’s sophisticated yet easygoing style. Photo: Shutterstock

Boho groom attire merges formal wear’s sophistication with bohemian fashion’s easygoing essence. Embrace relaxed fits that embody the laid-back spirit of boho style.

Opt for blazers and lightweight jackets crafted from natural materials such as breathable linen, soft cotton, or fine lightweight wool. These pieces should provide a comfortable fit and come in earthy or muted hues like beige, olive, gray, and navy.

The subtle color palette seamlessly blends with the natural wedding setting, adding a touch of understated elegance and allowing the groom’s personality to shine through.

Trousers & Shorts

Boho Groom Attire TrousersPin
Breathable fabrics and sleek silhouettes elevate trousers. Photo: Shutterstock

Select trousers or shorts made from airy fabrics like linen, cotton, or light wool, which are perfect for outdoor or summer weddings. Incorporate unique details such as rolled-up cuffs or a slightly cropped length to infuse a casual flair into the ensemble.

Consider opting for well-tailored shorts in a neutral color for a more unconventional and daring look. This choice will add a playful and relaxed element to the attire while maintaining an air of sophistication.


Boho Groom Attire ShirtPin
Soft palettes and relaxed fits define boho shirts. Photo: Shutterstock

Embrace shirts with distinctive patterns and textures that add depth and character to the outfit. Floral or paisley prints introduce a playful yet refined element, while embroidery can provide subtle visual interest.

Stick to a soft palette featuring shades like beige, cream, and ivory or gentle pastels to maintain a light and airy aesthetic. Consider a crisp white shirt with a relaxed fit for a more minimalist approach.


Boho Groom Attire WaistcoatPin
Elevate the boho groom look with vintage-inspired waistcoats. Photo: Shutterstock

Elevate the boho look with a carefully selected waistcoat, adding vintage charm and sophistication. This element works exceptionally well when paired with a crisp dress shirt underneath.

Choose waistcoats in earthy tones or with subtle patterns that harmonize with the overall color scheme. A well-fitted waistcoat can add depth and visual interest.


Boho Groom Attire SuspendersPin
Introduce texture with suspenders that complement your style. Photo: Shutterstock

Introduce a vintage appeal with a pair of suspenders. Opt for suspenders in neutral colors or with a hint of texture to add visual interest without overwhelming the ensemble.


Boho Groom Attire Tie HandkerchiefPin
Neckwear, from classic ties to handkerchiefs, injects a personal touch. Photo: Shutterstock

The choice of neckwear, from classic neckties and casual bolo ties to simple handkerchiefs, significantly defines the overall look. Select patterns or materials that complement the outfit and inject a personal touch.


Boho Groom Attire Leather BootsPin
Boots in earthy tones ground attire with practicality and fashion. Photo: Shutterstock

Complete the boho groom attire with footwear like boots and loafers, which blend practicality with fashion effortlessly. Depending on the venue and personal preference, even sandals might be appropriate.

Consider opting for footwear in earthy tones or with exciting textures, such as suede or distressed leather. These details will add depth and character to the overall look.

Fashion Accessories

Boho Groom Attire Fashion AccessoriesPin
Curated accessories enhance the cohesiveness and individuality of the ensemble. Photo: Shutterstock

Elevate your boho ensemble with carefully curated personal accessories. Cufflinks, pocket watches, hats, and sunglasses are all excellent choices that can enhance the attire’s overall cohesiveness and add a touch of individuality.

Select unique groom accessories in colors or materials that complement the outfit, such as wooden or leather accents. A well-chosen hat, like a fedora or a wide-brimmed sun hat, can provide both style and functionality, shielding the groom from the sun during outdoor ceremonies.

Tailoring & Fit

Boho Groom Attire Tailoring FitPin
Expert tailoring transforms relaxed boho outfits into polished ensembles. Photo: Shutterstock

Proper tailoring is crucial for transforming relaxed boho outfits into polished ensembles, balancing the style’s casual nature with the formality of a wedding. A professional tailor can adapt loose linen jackets or casual trousers to look structured while maintaining their boho charm.

Tailors consider factors like venue and climate to suggest the best fabrics and fits, such as lighter materials and relaxed fits for beach weddings. Adjustments to length and width prevent the attire from looking too baggy or tight, ensuring the groom’s comfort and satisfaction with his wedding outfit.

Seasonal Adaptations

Each season brings unique considerations for fabric choices, colors, and additional layers that can enhance the boho style while keeping the groom comfortable and season-appropriate.

Adapting to Warm Weather

Boho Groom Attire Warm WeatherPin
Lightweight fabrics and light colors keep the boho groom cool and stylish. Photo: Shutterstock

For weddings held in the spring and summer, the key is to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep the groom cool under the sun. Linen and light cotton are ideal for their airiness and ability to absorb moisture without clinging to the body.

In terms of color, opting for lighter shades like whites, creams, and pastels can reflect the sun’s rays and contribute to a fresh, summery vibe. Shorts in a refined style and light-colored loafers can complete a laid-back yet chic look suitable for a warm-weather wedding.

Preparing for Cooler Months

Boho Groom Attire FallPin
Rich colors, warm materials, and layered looks allow the boho groom to embrace the season’s mood. Photo: Shutterstock

Fall and winter weddings call for warmer materials and richer colors that reflect the season’s mood. Wool, tweed, and heavier cotton add warmth without sacrificing style.

Darker tones like navy, forest green, and burgundy align with the seasonal palette and lend a sense of depth and sophistication to the attire. Layering is also crucial; adding a stylish vest or a well-cut blazer can provide extra warmth while maintaining the boho charm with accessories like woolen scarves or a felt hat.

Transition Seasons

Boho Groom Attire Transitional WeatherPin
Versatile layers and adaptable fabrics navigate unpredictable weather with ease. Photo: Michael Berger / Fashionisto Exclusive

During the transition seasons of autumn and spring, when the weather can be unpredictable, versatility in attire is key. Grooms can opt for layers that are easy to add or remove, such as lightweight sweaters or cardigans that complement the boho aesthetic.

Fabrics that provide insulation without being too heavy, such as medium-weight linens or blended fabrics, are perfect for handling fluctuating temperatures.

Venue-Specific Boho Styles

Each type of venue offers unique opportunities to tailor the groom’s look, ensuring it is appropriate and impactful.

Garden Weddings

Boho Garden WeddingPin
Floral motifs, light fabrics, and soft colors harmonize with the lush backdrop. Photo: Shutterstock

The attire for a garden setting can embrace floral motifs and lighter fabrics that reflect the environment’s natural beauty. A semi-formal linen suit in a soft color palette of greens, blues, or earth tones harmonizes with the lush backdrop.

Accessories such as floral boutonnieres or a straw boater hat can add a playful yet elegant touch, while leather sandals or light-colored brogues ensure comfort and style on soft ground.

Beach Weddings

Boho Beach WeddingPin
Laid-back, breathable attire in light colors and beach-friendly accessories capture a seaside celebration’s sunny, airy ambiance. Photo: Shutterstock

Beach weddings call for a laid-back approach to formal wear. Lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen or fine cotton are ideal for keeping cool beside the sea. Choosing lighter colors—whites, creams, or pale blues—reflects the sunny, airy ambiance of the beach.

Footwear should be chosen with the sand in mind; stylish espadrilles or even going barefoot can work well. Casual accessories like a Panama hat or sunglasses will add to the boho style.

Rustic Barn Weddings

Boho Barn WeddingPin
Rich textures, robust materials, and rustic accessories complement the charm of a barn setting. Photo: Shutterstock

A rustic barn setting is perfect for incorporating richer textures and more robust materials. Tweed or wool suits in darker shades such as grey, navy, or brown complement the rusticity of the venue.

Add elements like a leather belt, a pocket square with a paisley pattern, or a vintage wristwatch to enhance the outfit’s rustic charm. Sturdy footwear like leather boots is stylish and practical for potentially uneven barn floors.

Urban Loft Weddings

Boho Loft WeddingPin
Various colors and details add a bold energy to the boho look. Photo: Shutterstock

Grooms can afford to be more experimental with their boho attire for weddings in an urban loft. Incorporating modern twists through accessories like bold patterned ties or a stylish fedora can add an edge to the look.

Fabrics can range from sleek cotton blends to sophisticated velvet blazers that resonate with the chic urban environment. Footwear like polished oxfords or suede loafers will keep the look sharp yet bohemian.

Modern Boho Weddings

Modern Boho WeddingPin
The boho groom’s thoughtfully curated ensemble contributes to a cohesive, laid-back atmosphere reflecting the couple’s vision. Photo: Shutterstock

Boho groom attire epitomizes the celebration of personal expression and individual style. The carefully curated ensemble, featuring relaxed fits, natural fabrics, and earthy tones, seamlessly complements the enchanting outdoor settings often chosen for boho weddings—from sun-drenched beaches to serene woodland areas.

With its thoughtful combination of textures, patterns, and accessories, the groom’s attire is crucial in cultivating a cohesive, laid-back atmosphere that encourages guests to connect with the couple’s unique vision. By embracing the distinctive elements of boho fashion, the groom showcases his personality and contributes to the overall ambiance of the event.

This intentional approach to the groom’s attire ensures that every aspect of his look, from the suit to the smallest accessory, creates an unforgettable and genuinely personal wedding celebration.

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