Top Groom Accessories for Your 2024 Wedding Outfit

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Published May 8, 2024


Updated June 5, 2024

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Explore the top, stylish options for groom accessories.

Groom accessories are the essential elements that elevate a wedding ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. From the timeless elegance of cufflinks to the playful sophistication of patterned socks, these details allow for the expression of personal style while complementing the event’s overall theme.

Groom Accessories

Elevate your groom attire with careful attention to detail. Pin
Elevate your groom attire with careful attention to detail. Photo: Adobe Stock

The thoughtful selection of accessories elevates a groom’s wedding ensemble, transforming a classic tuxedo or modern suit into a personalized statement. Neckwear, pocket squares, tie bars, suspenders, lapel pins, hats, and jewelry offer myriad options to create a polished and distinguished outfit on the big day.

Cufflinks: A Touch of Sophistication

Groom Cufflinks Closeup RingPin
Elevate your wedding attire with the timeless elegance of cufflinks. Photo: Adobe Stock

Choosing the right cufflinks can add a subtle hint of personality to a wedding day ensemble. Traditionally crafted from materials like silver, gold, or even pearl, cufflinks offer an opportunity to incorporate elements of family heritage or thematic nuances of the wedding.

Whether opting for classic, understated designs or something more bespoke, like custom engravings, cufflinks are the perfect final touch to a groom’s outfit, ensuring a polished and distinguished look.

Neckwear: Essential Elegance for Every Groom

Choose the perfect neckwear to complement your wedding day style. Photo: Shutterstock

Neckwear plays a pivotal role in defining a groom’s wedding day look, offering a variety of styles to express personal flair and complement the overall theme of the ceremony. Each type serves as a unique statement of style and occasion.


Tie GroomPin
A tie can subtly enhance or boldly define a groom’s wedding attire. Photo: Shutterstock

Ties are a cornerstone of the groom’s attire, offering a canvas for color and pattern. The tie selection can dramatically influence the overall aesthetic of the wedding outfit.

From sleek silk ties in monochrome hues for a classic look to vibrant patterns that reflect the wedding’s color scheme, each choice highlights the groom’s style. Furthermore, modern weddings might include skinny ties or those with textured fabrics like wool or knit, providing a contemporary twist on traditional attire.

Bow Ties

Bow ties bring a playful sophistication to any groom's ensemble.Pin
Bow ties bring a playful sophistication to any groom’s ensemble. Photo: Shutterstock

Bow ties exude a charm that is timeless and jovially formal. Ideal for black-tie events or whimsical-themed weddings, they range from classic black silk to bolder, patterned designs.

Bow ties offer a playful yet refined alternative to standard neckties, allowing grooms to stand out while still adhering to the formal nature of the event. They can be paired with a tuxedo for a quintessentially elegant look or a suit for a more relaxed yet polished vibe.


Groom CravatPin
Cravats add a distinguished touch of vintage elegance to traditional wedding attire. Photo: Shutterstock

Cravats provide an excellent alternative for a touch of old-world glamour and distinction. Popular in more traditional or vintage-inspired weddings, cravats come in various styles, from ascot ties for a formal daytime look to more elaborate designs suited for a grand ceremony.

The fabric and color of the cravat can complement the wedding’s theme, adding an element of sophistication and uniqueness to the groom’s ensemble.


Silk Neckerchief ElizabettaPin
A neckerchief is a stylish nod to casual outdoor celebrations. Photo: Elizabetta

Neckerchiefs are a less common but strikingly stylish choice for a groom who wants to make a bold fashion statement. Typically more casual, neckerchiefs work well for outdoor or summer wedding outfits and can be coordinated with the bridal party’s attire.

Made from lighter fabrics like cotton or silk, they offer a laid-back yet chic alternative to traditional neckwear, perfect for adding color and personality.

Patterned Socks: A Splash of Fun

Inject a playful twist into your wedding attire with patterned socks.Pin
Inject a playful twist into your wedding attire with patterned socks. Photo: Adobe Stock

Patterned socks have become popular for grooms looking to add a unique, personal touch to their wedding day ensemble. These socks offer an unexpected pop of color and design, peeking out from under traditional suits and tuxedos.

Whether it’s bold stripes, vibrant polka dots, or thematic motifs like paisleys that match the wedding’s theme, patterned socks can synchronize with the color palette or stand out as a statement piece. Patterned socks also make for charming and quirky photo opportunities for those capturing wedding day memories.

Pocket Squares: The Quintessence of Groom’s Flair

Pocket SquarePin
Elevate your suit with a pocket square, the epitome of refined elegance. Photo: Shutterstock

The pocket square can transform a nice suit into an exceptional ensemble when artfully folded and tucked into the jacket’s breast pocket. The choice of material—silk, linen, or cotton—along with the color and pattern should complement the tie or cravat, yet it can also stand alone as a contrasting highlight.

Traditional whites enhance a classic look, while vibrant hues or patterns inject personality and a modern twist into the outfit. The pocket square symbolizes attention to detail and can subtly reference the wedding theme, harmonizing with the overall decor and color scheme.

Tie Bars & Clips: Sleek Functionality

Tie ClipPin
Secure your style with a tie bar, the perfect blend of function and fashion. Photo: Shutterstock

Tie bars and clips serve a dual purpose in a groom’s wardrobe: they keep the tie neatly in place while adding a polished elegance to the ensemble. These small but impactful accessories can be chosen to match the metal of a watch or cufflinks, creating a cohesive look.

Tie bars are available in various finishes, such as silver, gold, or brushed metal, and sometimes feature small embellishments or engravings. Whether sleek and minimalistic or slightly ornate, they should be placed between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt to achieve the perfect balance of visibility and utility.

Suspenders: Classic Charm with a Modern Twist

Revive classic elegance with suspenders, blending vintage vibes with contemporary style. Photo: Shutterstock

Suspenders, once a menswear staple, have made a significant comeback, especially in wedding attire, where they add a touch of vintage charm. These functional straps, which come in various materials like leather, silk, or patterned fabrics, hold up trousers and enhance the groom’s silhouette.

Suspenders can be coordinated with the wedding’s color scheme or chosen in classic hues for a more understated look. Groomsmen can wear matching or complementary suspenders for a truly cohesive theme.

This accessory is particularly appealing for rustic or outdoor weddings but can also be tailored to fit more formal settings.

Lapel Pins: A Signature Accent

Lapel PinPin
Accentuate your wedding suit with a collar or lapel pin. Photo: Shutterstock

Lapel pins offer a chance to incorporate elements of the wedding theme, personal interests, or sentimental motifs into the outfit. From classic floral pins that can mirror the botanical elements of the wedding to more customized designs such as monograms or small symbols representing a hobby or passion, lapel pins enhance the groom’s look.

They can be made from various materials, including metal, enamel, or even precious stones, and are typically worn on the left lapel, close to the heart. This accessory adds a visual pop to the suit and is a conversation starter.

Hats: The Crowning Detail

Groom HatPin
Top your wedding attire with a hat, adding a distinguished and stylish flourish. Photo: Shutterstock

The right hat can add an air of sophistication or a dash of whimsy, depending on the style chosen. For instance, in some rustic or boho wedding themes, a wide-brimmed hat pairs excellently with a more relaxed ensemble, blending effortlessly into outdoor settings.

From the classic elegance of a fedora or trilby, which pairs well with a traditional suit, to a more casual Panama hat ideal for beach or summer weddings, there’s a hat for every occasion. Hats can also be a nod to vintage themes, with styles like the bowler or top hat evoking a bygone era.

The choice of material—felt, straw, or even wool—along with the color can complement the season and the wedding’s overall theme.

Jewelry: Subtle Elegance

Groom Accessories WatchPin
Enhance your wedding ensemble with jewelry that reflects sophistication and personal taste. Photo: Shutterstock

Jewelry for grooms is often overlooked, yet it holds the potential to elevate the sophistication of wedding attire significantly. Beyond the traditional wedding band, other pieces such as wristwatches, bracelets, and even subtle necklaces can add depth to a groom’s outfit.

A well-chosen watch, whether vintage or modern, serves a practical function and acts as a heirloom piece, symbolizing the timeless commitment of marriage. Bracelets can be understated, made from metals that match other accessories, or from leather for a more rugged look, adding a hint of personality without overwhelming the attire.

Elevating Your Wedding Day Style

Celebrate your big day with the perfect groom accessories.Pin
Celebrate your big day with the perfect groom accessories. Photo: Adobe Stock

Groom accessories are the finishing touches that bring a wedding ensemble to life, allowing you to express your personality and style on your special day. By carefully selecting each element, from the sophistication of cufflinks to the playfulness of patterned socks, you can create a polished look that complements the overall theme of your wedding.

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