Model of the Month | Questions with Taylor Fuchs Part II

taylorpolas Model of the Month | Questions with Taylor Fuchs Part II

The Fashionisto: How do you feel about your experience modeling?

Taylor Fuchs: I feel extremely lucky to have experienced many of the amazing opportunities this job has to offer and at the same time develop some friendships that I am sure will exist long after I’m out of the business.

Fashionisto: What is the most memorable shoot?

Taylor: When I shot the Kenzo campaign, we went out to Kyoto Japan. The crew and the location were amazing and the whole experience was so much fun.

Fashionisto: Your smile is a signature standout…thoughts?

Taylor: I like smiling.

Fashionisto: What do you like to do on your downtime?

Taylor: Watch movies, draw, play poker, basketball, read

Fashionisto: Has modeling changed your view on fashion?

Taylor: Before I started modeling my view on fashion was that clothes were just a way to cover up. Now I have a lot more respect for the artistic and creative aspect of the industry.

Fashionisto: Are you personally interested in fashion?

Taylor: It isn’t very high on the priority list.

Fashionisto: Outside modeling, what would you like to do?

Taylor: Whatever I end up doing after modeling will have to be something that keeps me away from office buildings and self employed. I have been taking acting classes as of late and have really enjoyed the learning process.

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