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Updated August 13, 2023

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Explore the men’s underwear types available on the market. Photo: Shutterstock

In fashion, the significance of a well-rounded wardrobe cannot be overstated. As a modern, style-conscious man, every aspect of your attire, from your suit to your socks, speaks volumes about your personality and taste. However, one crucial element often glossed over in fashion discussions is men’s underwear types.

This undergarment might be hidden from view, but it plays a pivotal role in your daily comfort and confidence. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on this unsung hero of your wardrobe, exploring the various types of men’s underwear, their unique features, the materials used, and how to choose the perfect pair.

Men’s Underwear Types

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Discover the different types of men’s underwear and the best occasions to wear each. Photo: Shutterstock

Unbeknownst to many, men’s underwear is not confined to the classic dichotomy of briefs versus boxers. It spans many styles, each designed to cater to different body types, comfort levels, and lifestyle needs. Let’s delve into the main categories of men’s underwear styles, their distinctive traits, and their ideal use:


Underwear Briefs MenPin
Briefs are an all-around excellent underwear type that transitions from pants to shorts with a comfortable fit. Photo: Shutterstock

Arguably the most classic and prevalent among men’s underwear types, briefs offer a snug fit with minimal coverage. Available in various styles, including low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise, they are typically crafted from cotton, microfiber, or spandex blends. Briefs are an excellent choice for those prioritizing comfort and support and are particularly well-suited for wear under slim-fit trousers or shorts, thanks to their smooth, streamlined silhouette.

Bikini Briefs

Underwear Bikini Briefs Men BodybuilderPin
Bikini Briefs are great for men who appreciate the fit of a traditional brief but desire less coverage. Photo: Shutterstock

Bikini briefs add a fashionable twist to the classic brief design, offering a sleek and sexy aesthetic. With a high-cut leg and low-rise waist, bikini briefs give a more revealing appearance without compromising support. Crafted from materials like cotton or spandex blends, they provide a comfortable yet firm fit. Ideal for those seeking a contemporary look with minimal coverage, bikini briefs suit a wide variety of outfits, especially low-rise jeans or shorts.


Boxers Men UnderwearPin
Cotton boxers provide timeless comfort. Photo: Shutterstock

Boxers are the go-to option for men who prefer a relaxed fit and maximum breathability. Their loose-fitting design, coupled with a longer leg, ensures freedom of movement. Boxers are versatile and can be paired with any outfit; however, opt for a slimmer silhouette for a neater look under dress pants.

Long Johns / Long Underwear

Long Johns Long Underwear MenPin
Wear Long Johns as a base layer to stay warm during the colder months. Photo: Shutterstock

Long Johns, or long underwear, is the quintessential choice for men needing full-leg coverage and insulation during colder seasons. These undergarments extend down the legs, providing warmth and comfort while maintaining a snug fit.

Available in materials like cotton, wool, or synthetic blends, Long Johns are practical for winter wear and cater to those desiring added modesty or support. They work well under loose-fitting pants and are a go-to for outdoor activities in chillier weather.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs MenPin
Enjoy the comfort of boxers and achieve smooth lines under your clothes with Boxer Briefs. Photo: Deposit Photos

Boxer briefs are a harmonious blend of the form-fitting nature of briefs and the added coverage of boxers. Their versatility and comfort have won them fans, making them a staple in the modern man’s underwear drawer. These hybrids are perfect for taller guys who need more upper-thigh coverage.


Underwear Trunks MenPin
For a more concise underwear fit and more coverage than Briefs, wear Trunks. Photo: FP

Resembling shorter boxer briefs, trunks offer a streamlined look with less coverage. They are excellent for wearing under slim-fit pants or shorts and are an ideal pick for men who desire the support of briefs but prefer a more contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.

Compression Shorts

Compression Shorts MenPin
When the active world calls, opt for Compression Shorts. Photo: Shutterstock

Compression shorts serve the athletic and active man, focusing on performance and recovery. These shorts are designed to embrace the muscles tightly, enhance blood flow, and reduce muscle fatigue. They are often crafted from specialized polyester and spandex blends and offer flexibility without sacrificing support.

Athletes in various sports favor compression shorts for their ability to improve performance and minimize injury risks. They can also be worn during fitness routines or under sportswear for support and comfort.


Jockstrap Men VersacePin
Channel your inner athlete in the daring Jockstrap. Photo: Versace

Jockstraps have evolved into stylish undergarments designed to provide athletes with maximum support and protection during high-impact sports. They consist of a waistband, a protective pouch, and two leg straps, providing full frontal and minimal rear coverage.

Thongs & G-Strings

Thong Underwear Men Emporio ArmaniPin
Make a cheeky statement with Thong underwear. Photo: International Jock

Thongs and G-strings are the epitome of minimalist underwear, designed for men who desire minimal fabric and maximum exposure. While they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, these undergarments offer frontal support without the added bulk of fabric, making them a suitable option for wearing under tight-fitting clothing.

Underwear Features to Consider

Various factors go beyond mere style or preference when choosing the perfect pair of men’s underwear. The fit, fabric, seam placement, and fly design are integral components that collectively contribute to the comfort, functionality, and overall experience of wearing underwear, underscoring the importance of understanding these aspects.

Comfort & Fit

Men's Underwear Fit ComfortPin
Don’t underestimate the importance of underwear fit regarding comfort and confidence. Photo: Shutterstock

Comfort and fit are paramount when choosing underwear. Ensure the waistband is snug but not overly tight and that the pouch provides adequate support. The leg openings should not be restrictive or cause chafing.

Understanding Fabric Types

Selecting the suitable fabric is essential for achieving men’s underwear’s desired comfort, support, and functionality. The following are some common fabric types used in underwear, each with unique properties catering to different needs:


Calvin Klein Cotton Classics Boxer BriefPin
Calvin Klein’s Cotton Classics Boxer Brief is amongst its best sellers. Photo: Calvin Klein

Cotton is renowned for its softness and breathability. It’s a natural fiber that provides comfort for everyday wear. Different cotton variants, such as organic or combed cotton, may offer additional benefits.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber known for its durability and moisture-wicking properties. Ideal for active wear or those leading an energetic lifestyle, it dries quickly, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.


Derek Rose Micro Modal Stretch Boxer BriefsPin
Enjoy the soft touch of MicroModal with Derek Rose’s stretch boxer briefs. Photo: Derek Rose

MicroModal is a high-tech fabric celebrated for its ultra-soft texture and moisture-absorbing quality. Made from beech tree pulp, it delivers a luxurious feel, suitable for those seeking premium comfort or have sensitive skin.


Silk offers a smooth and luxurious experience, with a natural ability to regulate temperature. It’s perfect for warm weather or special occasions, providing an elegant undergarment.

Blended Fabrics

SAXX Cotton Elastane Modal Boxer BriefPin
SAXX proposes an ideal blend of cotton, elastane, and modal with its Droptemp Cooling Boxer Brief. Photo: SAXX

Blended fabrics, like cotton spandex, combine the best attributes of different materials. These blends can offer enhanced performance, such as added stretch or moisture management, tailoring to specific comfort and support needs.

Specialized Fabrics

Innovative and specialized fabrics include options with antibacterial properties or cooling technology. They cater to specific needs or preferences, offering solutions like odor control or temperature regulation.

Seam Placement

Men's Boxer Underwear No WaistbandPin
Pay attention to seams when considering comfortable underwear styles. Photo: Shutterstock

The placement and type of seams can affect the comfort of your underwear. Look for undergarments with flat seams to avoid chafing and irritation.

Fly Design

The design of the fly is another feature to consider. While some men prefer the ease of a horizontal fly, others might find the vertical fly more comfortable.

Choosing the Perfect Underwear

Attractive Man Reading UnderwearPin
Keep in mind your lifestyle when shopping for new underwear. Photo: Shutterstock

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your choice of underwear should align with your daily routine and activities. Whether you work a desk job, lead an active lifestyle, or fall somewhere in between, there’s an underwear style designed to meet your comfort and support needs.

Think About Your Body Type

Different body types may require different underwear styles for optimal comfort and support. For instance, men with a larger build may need more support in the pouch and a wider waistband, while slimmer men may prefer a snug fit and a smaller waistband.

Invest in Quality

While opting for the cheapest underwear may be tempting, investing in high-quality undergarments can significantly enhance your comfort and overall underwear experience. Look for reputable brands that use high-quality materials like MicroModal for long-lasting comfort and durability.

Final Words

Men's Underwear Types ModelPin
Consider the importance of choosing the perfect underwear for everyday comfort. Photo: Shutterstock

Choosing the right underwear can significantly impact your daily comfort, confidence, and style. By understanding the different men’s underwear types and considering your needs and preferences, you can find the perfect pair to elevate your underwear game. Remember, the right underwear can make all the difference, so take the time to find the perfect pair. After all, life is too short for uncomfortable underwear.

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