Style 101: J.Crew Men’s Denim Jeans


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Published August 7, 2014


Updated February 4, 2015


Raw Denim

J.Crew offers three styles of raw denim: 770 Japanese selvedge jean in raw indigo, Wallace & Barnes raw unsanforized denim and 484 Japanese selvedge jean in raw indigo. The trio of raw jeans are not pre washed, leaving them open as a clean canvas to create a natural fade that’s unique to your wear.

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Selvedge Denim

Available in a variety of finishes, whether you are looking for a new pair of white jeans or a style dressed in a rich dark indigo, J.Crew’s selvedge denim is woven on narrow vintage looms. Stiff at first, this denim gets more comfortable and faded over time.

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Unsanforized Denim

These jeans are cut from unprocessed denim. With no preshrunk process, J.Crew’s unsanforized denim jeans will shrink and mold to your body as you wash and wear theme. Talk about a customized fit!

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  1. I love wearing denim. Nothing suits a man better than Denim. It suits almost every person, no matter what the body type or complexion is. I loved the above collection of denim. J.Crew is one of my personal favourites.

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