Finding the Right Eyeglass Fit for Asian Faces

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While people of all ages wear glasses, most glasses on the market aren’t designed to be one-size-fits-all. People of Asian descent tend to have a low nose bridge and higher cheekbones, which means many pairs of glasses don’t fit properly. If you’re in this predicament, there are a few options worth considering while shopping.

Be Willing to Try Frames Online

Previously, you may have had to try on more frames than the average person in order to find glasses that work well. Eventually, after many frames, you would find a pair that are comfortable to wear and flattering to your face.

Now finding the right eyeglass fit for Asian faces is a thing of the past thanks to online retailers like KaiOptics offer glasses online to rectify the unique face shape of those struggling to find well-fitting frames.

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Check the Reviews

Worried about buying online? No problem when it comes to reviews! There are a lot of people of Asian descent that have to deal with this issue. Thankfully, a number of people are providing reviews of the eyeglasses that work for them. From written reviews to video reviews, you should find plenty of reviews that will guide you towards your next pair of glasses.

When you’re looking at reviews, you should specifically look for feedback from people that have a bone structure that’s similar to yours. The eyeglasses that are flattering for these individuals are likely to be flattering for you as well.

Look for Retailers That Use Asian Models

Most sites that sell glasses have models show off the frames that they sell. If a site uses Asian models, you’ll have the chance to see if those frames fit the models well.

Obviously, there are some things you won’t be able to see in photos. For example, if the glasses are tight and uncomfortable, you won’t be able to see that the model is in pain. Still, retailers that make a point of using Asian models will often specializes in frames for people with that type of bone structure.

Even though finding the right eyeglass fit for Asian faces can be challenging, there are more options available than ever. Don’t settle for glasses that don’t work for your face. Take the time to find a few pairs of eyeglasses that fit you perfectly.