Ray-Ban Broadens Its Horizons for Fall ’22 Campaign

August 19, 2022

At its best, male sartorial trends have evolved with a new, comfortable, functional, fresh, and modern consciousness. There is a stronger emphasis on unisex styles and a more seamless fusion of the retro and the new. The new campaign from Ray-Ban, the iconic eyewear brand, expresses this ethos with youthful boldness and purpose. 

Ray-Ban’s sunglasses feature the brand’s signature superior UV protection and quality craftsmanship, which have been consistent hallmarks of the brand since 1937. Ray-Ban reimagines its metal frame silhouettes from the 2000s, opting for a minimalist RB initials-only branding on select styles. 


Clear-to-dark transition sunshades are available, as is the flexibility of Ray-Ban’s unique customized lens-frame associations, which allow customers to choose from an almost limitless array of style, color, light protection, and optical prescription possibilities. 

Ray-Ban 2022 defies traditional notions of time, gender, and place with its offerings of old classics reinterpreted with modern materials, such as the New Aviator, New Round, and New Caravan styles, which are suitable for both the young and the young-at-heart.

Ray-Ban Fall 2022 Campaign

Ray-Ban Campaign 2022 Ty Ogunkoya Model
Ty Ogunkoya fronts Ray-Ban’s fall 2022 campaign in the brand’s Jack Optical ORX6465 glasses. Photo Credit: Ray-Ban

For a Ray-Ban eyewear standout, Jack’s flat-top angles and metal wire structure showcase a legendary Asian optical aesthetic. Thanks to its custom fit and adjustable nose pads and temples, it has achieved international acclaim.

Ray-Ban Campaign 2022 Isaac Ainsworth Model
Isaac Ainsworth appears in the Ray-Ban fall 2022 campaign, wearing the label’s Thalia Sun ORB2195 sunglasses. Photo Credit: Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban’s Thalia morphs from retro chic to street style icon because of its airy, impromptu, and fresh design. It combines modern flair with a nod to the past; it is bold, gender-neutral, and always prepared to go. In addition, solid lenses in black or classic Havana color ensure that your outfit has personality.

Ray-Ban Campaign 2022 Federico Spinas Model
Federico Spinas appears in the Ray-Ban fall 2022 campaign, wearing the brand’s Thalia Optical ORX5395 glasses. Photo Credit: Ray-Ban

The Thalia introduces a new perspective to the field of optical design with its soft flat-brow form and fashionable vintage attractiveness. This unisex frame comes in chic heritage havanas and entire black for a timeless style. It has light, minimalist profiles with Ray-Ban lens branding and squared rivets.

Ty Ogunkoya Model Ray-Ban Campaign 2022
Model Ty Ogunkoya rocks Ray-Ban’s Jack Sun ORB3565 sunglasses for the brand’s new fall 2022 campaign. Photo Credit: Ray-Ban

With its simple yet effective design, the Jack is poised for another successful summer. This ultralight unisex wire frame combines minimalist design with timeless hues to illustrate that wired Ray-Ban frames are always in trend.