Popular Halloween Fright: White Contact Lenses

Halloween White Contacts Man Vampire
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White Halloween Contact Lenses are intriguing because of the ghostly appearance they give the wearer. The fright value of any Halloween costume may be increased by replacing the human iris with a white pattern. Classic designs in block white hues and styles, like the White Manson Coloured Contacts, can be found at many colored contact shops.

Find out more about Halloween contact lenses in white that you can add to your next costume:

The first type of white contact lens features a block white color that covers the eye. These come in different dimensions to help you achieve your desired effect.

  • White Halloween Coloured Contacts: These white lenses have a standard diameter and cover the iris in a block of white color.
  • White Mini Sclera Coloured Contacts: Sclera lenses are designed with larger diameters to cover the eye’s sclera and iris. Mini sclera lenses have a slightly larger diameter than standard lenses, so you can ensure your entire iris is covered in white.
  • White Blind Coloured Contacts: The white pigment in these Halloween lenses covers the iris and pupil, restricting vision but giving a super spooky look to the eye. Perfect for photoshoots.
  • White UV Coloured Contacts: In daylight, these lenses have a block white color, but under UV blacklight, you will reveal the eerie glow caused by the UV reactive pigment.
Halloween Contacts Vampire
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These white Halloween contacts are a popular choice for pairing with skull makeup, zombie costumes, and a variety of Horror movie characters such as the Corpse Bride.

The second type of white contact is designed with a white iris surrounded by a black outer ring, known as the limbal ring. 

  • White Manson Coloured Contacts: The Manson lens style has a solid black ring around the outer edge of the white iris.
  • White Angelic Coloured Contacts: Angelic lenses feature a small black ring around the iris, longer black indents at set intervals, and white background.
  • White Lunar Coloured Contacts: The design on the outer ring of these white-colored contacts has a featured effect in black that outlines the eye.

These white-colored contacts are popular for adding to creepy doll costumes, clown makeup, and fancy vampire dress.

Cat eye lenses are a great option if you want to transform your eyes completely. This type of lens features a vertical pupil in black surrounded by the color of your choice. Some even have UV-reactive properties so you can look like a cat in the moonlight under a UV blacklight. Popular options in white include:

  • White Cat UV Coloured Contacts
  • White Viper Coloured Contacts
Cosplay Costume Eye Contacts
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You will find Naruto-inspired white-colored contacts available if you are looking for specific lenses for cosplay characters. The spiral style of the Rinnegan Ring colored contacts is also popular for pairing with SFX makeup and Halloween costumes.

  • Hinata Byakugan Coloured Contacts
  • Rinnegan Ring Coloured Contacts

You will find that many of these white Halloween lenses are available with a prescription, so you won’t have to miss out on all the fancy dress fun if you need corrective lenses. Prescription white contact lenses for Halloween can be purchased in your corrective strength to ensure clear vision and a spooky color change.

White contact lenses aren’t just for Halloween; they are popular with cosplayers and makeup artists all year round. White contact lenses have found a niche within the Gothic and alternative communities. The white-out design is perfect for creating witchy occult vibes or Victorian vampire styles.

Halloween Vampire Contacts Man
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Where Can You Get White Halloween Contact Lenses?

Halloween contact lenses often receive bad press, and safety should be your top priority when it comes to colored contacts. This isn’t to say that all Halloween contact lenses are problematic; choosing lenses from reputable brands that stock FDA Approved lenses and are open about their safety information is the best way to keep safe at Halloween. 

At ColouredContacts.com, you can browse hundreds of FDA Approved costume-colored contacts made from soft, breathable materials. You can also find Care Guides to help answer any questions about using your Halloween lenses. With a troop of amazing affiliates testing out the lenses, you will see the white Halloween-coloured contacts in action for plenty of inspiration.

White contact lenses are one of the most versatile styles of colored contacts, which is why they are so popular at Halloween. There is an endless amount of horror characters that pair perfectly with white eyes, from classic zombies to creepy dolls, so get ready to make this Halloween the spookiest yet!