Nordstrom Celebrates the Holidays with Odom, Ricci & Family

October 5, 2022
Nordstrom Holiday 2022 Campaign Leslie Odom Jr. Wife Nicolette Robinson
Grammy and Tony award winner Leslie Odom Jr. poses with his wife, actress Nicolette Robinson for Nordstrom’s holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: Jacob Pritchard / Nordstrom

The holiday season has officially arrived at Nordstrom. The luxury retailer’s holiday 2022 marketing campaign promises to “Make Merry.” Nordstrom provides current fashion ideas, from exuberant formal looks to at-home lounging attire. The faces of Nordstrom’s holiday advertisement, entertainers Leslie Odom Jr. and Christina Ricci, offer a glimpse into their family-centered celebrations.

Mark Hampton Hair Stylist Christina Ricci Wife Nordstrom Holiday Campaign 2022
Hair stylist Mark Hampton and his wife, actress Christina Ricci, star in Nordstrom’s holiday campaign. Photo: Jacob Pritchard / Nordstrom

Nordstrom Holiday 2022 Campaign

Jacob Pritchard worked with Nordstrom on its 2022 holiday campaign photography. With casual images, Pritchard provides a realistic view of the holiday season. Avo Yermagyan, Leslie Odom Jr.’s stylist, is responsible for putting together his best ensembles. In contrast, Christina Ricci collaborates with her stylist Alexandra Mandlekorn to find the ideal Christmas attire.

Nordstrom Holiday 2022 Campaign Leslie Odom Jr. Family
Sharing a meal with their children, Lucille Ruby and Able Phineas, Leslie Odom Jr., and Nicolette Robinson star in Nordstrom’s holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: Jacob Pritchard / Nordstrom

“What I love about the holidays is that it means something slightly different to everyone, but at the core of it it’s about family, tradition, and adding new memories from year to year,” says Leslie Odom Jr. “The season in our home is always filled with the things we love most–a good playlist, seeing our kids’ faces as they unwrap presents, and peaceful downtime with the ones we love.”

Nordstrom Holiday Campaign 2022 Christina Ricci Husband Mark Hampton
Posing next to the Christmas Tree, couple Mark Hampton and Christina Ricci front Nordstrom’s holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: Jacob Pritchard / Nordstrom

For Christina Ricci, shopping at Nordstrom is synonymous with the holidays. “One of my favorite things is going Christmas shopping,” explains Ricci. “I love to take my son to the mall and have him pick out stuff, and I love going to Nordstrom and finding gifts for everybody and decorating from there as well. That’s one of my favorite things.”