How to Coordinate Your Tie with Your Suit

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Published December 18, 2022


Updated May 4, 2024

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Presenting yourself in a refined and poised manner is an effective way to boost your self-confidence. Your outward appearance can alter how you feel inside, propelling your mood upwards when you appreciate what’s reflected at you in the mirror.

Refining talents and physicality are paramount for success within corporate structures; however, looking sharp will fuel deals closed and foster valuable professional connections. Nevertheless, specific men may need help to look sharp every day. And if you often wear formal shirts and ties daily, deciding what to wear can sometimes become overwhelming.

This guide outlines helpful advice on pairing ties with formal outfits. Whether patterned, solid, or paisley ties, this overview will show you the perfect way to pair them together! Take a look and discover helpful tips for coordinating your tie selection with business attire.

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1. How to Match Patterns  

To create a polished and professional look, the key is to blend all your patterns. Your tie should contrast with your suit and shirt for an impressive aesthetic. If this seems intimidating or complicated, play it safe by avoiding combining three different prints—if your blazer and trousers come as a pair, select something subtle, like a plain tie.

You don’t need to wear intricate patterns to stand out from the crowd. Keeping it simple by utilizing primary and smart elements can be more effective for making an impression on your overall outfit. Patterns on men’s apparel can be slightly different; sometimes, slight variations that are proportionately different are all you need!

If you want to branch out and explore various patterns, don’t limit yourself to stripes or checkered ties. Paisley, florals, polka dots; the list goes on! However, you must balance your shirt pattern and tie selection. The simplest way to pull off a matching look is with a solid-colored tie—this will always keep your outfit polished and professional.

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2. Consider the Occasion  

Men’s attire can be pretty daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! The key is recognizing which tie works for the particular occasion; whether it’s a wedding, an essential business rendezvous, or a cocktail soiree—each event calls for its dashing ensemble. A suit and tie are crucial pieces of men’s clothing that should never go overlooked as they add flair and finesse to any outfit.

Silk ties are perfect for grand events such as weddings and parties, making you look poised and sophisticated. To achieve the formal style needed in this setting, opt for dark neutral colors rather than patterned ones—solid ties carry more formality than those with patterns.

For more relaxed events or casual gatherings, you can wear cotton, linen, or any other fabric. Why not mix it up and combine different materials with the tie, blazer, and shirt? Additionally, feel free to experiment with patterns, as they are perfect for day occasions!

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3. Focus on the Colors  

When putting together your outfit, color is critical. Make sure the colors match and complement each other – this applies to formal events and attire. For example, wearing a tie should always be darker than the shirt you’re pairing with it—not only does this draw attention to your chest, but it also makes any look appear more polished!

Coordinating your tie and suit colors may be overwhelming, but don’t worry. Aside from complementing the shirt and blazer, you should also ensure that the bottom part of your outfit matches to achieve a uniform tone overall. If you need help determining which shades work best together, refer to the color wheel for guidance.

Ties should add sophistication to your look, not take away from it. While ties are indeed an accessory, they’re still essential for completing a harmonious ensemble by perfectly pairing colors and tones together.

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4. Match the Materials of the Outfit  

To complete the ensemble, be sure that everything is harmonious. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when all the materials are disparate and ill-suited. Aside from patterns and colors, texture plays an integral role too. Therefore, consider its importance in achieving a stylish look for men.

The wrong materials can still render a man’s business attire ineffective, no matter how complementary the colors are. Consider combining silk with cotton and linen for an impeccable look for formal events. If your upcoming outing is more casual, wool ties should suffice; if you’re somewhere colder, tweed or wool blazers and ties will do the trick!

Final Words

With a bit of coordination and thought, you can easily mix and match different materials, colors, and patterns to create an outfit that is both dashing and unique. By following the simple tips we’ve outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to coordinate your ties with ease and confidence. Feel free to experiment with different combinations; practice makes perfect!

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