10 of James Bond’s Most Memorable Outfits from the 007 Films

Goldfinger James Bond White Tuxedo Sean Connery 1964
Sean Connery portrays James Bond in a dapper white tuxedo for 1964’s 007 film Goldfinger. Photo Credit: Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

It has been precisely 60 years since the release of the first James Bond film, Dr. No. In practically every Bond movie we have seen, 007 dressed highly fashionable. If you want to look amazing like James Bond, this article will look at ten of his best fashion looks from the 007 flicks.

1. Goldfinger: White Casino Suit

In GoldfingerSean Connery can wear quite a few very nice suits and tuxedos. One of them is a creme white suit with a red rose on his lapel, which he wears in one of the casino scenes in the movie. This exact suit was later replicated in Spectre, where Daniel Craig can be seen wearing a suit replica again.

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Dr No Sean Connery Tuxedo Casino Royale 1963
Dressed to impress, Sean Connery takes to the casino as James Bond in a sharp tuxedo for Dr. No. Photo Credit: Collection Christophel / RnB © Eon Productions / Alamy Stock Photo

2. Dr. No: The Classic James Bond Tuxedo

The most classic and iconic outfit out of all the James Bond movies is the Dr. No classic James Bond tuxedo Sean Connery is wearing while playing baccarat or chemin de fer with Sylvia Trench in the Casino Royale.

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No Time to Die Daniel Craig James Bond N Peal Sweater 2020
Daniel Craig is a rugged James Bond in a N. Peal sweater for 2021’s No Time to Die. Photo Credit: METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER/UNIVERSAL PICTURES / Album / Alamy Stock Photo

3. No Time to Die: The N.Peal Army Sweater

In the latest James Bond movie, Daniel Craig shines wearing an army sweater in one of the film’s final scenes. This is a rugged sweater with a Jason Statham vibe to it. The pullover goes well with the army gloves, giving an honest commando-like look. 

Dr No James Bond Sean Connery Beach Look Cyan Ursula Andress Swimsuit Seashells 1962
Taking to the beach with Swiss actress Ursula Andress in Dr. No, Sean Connery makes a timeless impression as James Bond in a cyan-colored look. Photo Credit: Collection Christophel © Eon Productions / Alamy Stock Photo

4. Dr. No: Cyan Beach Attire

In the first James Bond movie, there is a famous scene where we see him walk on the beach with Ursala Andress. She is wearing the iconic swimsuit with a dagger while searching for seashells, while Sean Connery is rocking cyan-colored beach attire. This outfit has a bit of a Lacoste feeling to it, with the polo and all, and one could also ideally wear this at the golf track.

Roger Moore James Bond Live and Let Die 1973 Black Polo Neck Turtleneck
Roger Moore dons his iconic black turtleneck as James Bond in 1973’s Live and Let Die. Photo Credit: EON/UNITED ARTISTS / Album / Alamy Stock Photo

5. Live and Let Die: Black Turtleneck

In Live and Let Die, there is a scene where Roger Moore wears a black turtleneck at a graveyard. Although this isn’t an outfit he or you should wear to a casino, it does look stunningly good, and it is one of the more iconic James Bond Outfits. This outfit was so good that it has been recently replicated in another James Bond movie. In SpectreDaniel Craig wears a remake of the black polo neck, and it looks just as good today as it looked back then.

Pierce Brosnan Die Another Day James Bond Black Cashmere Sweater 2002
The turtleneck makes a comeback as Pierce Brosnan wears a cashmere sweater as James Bond for the 2002 007 film, Die Another Day. Photo Credit: PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

6. Die Another Day: Cashmere Sweater

In the last James Bond movie where Pierce Brosnan played 007, he can be seen wearing a black cashmere sweater in some scenes. It’s an iconic outfit that makes for a sporty yet classy look. Although Die Another Day had some terrible CGI effects, at least 007’s fashion was on point. 

Daniel Craig James Bond Skyfall DB5
Posing alongside James Bond’s iconic DB5, Daniel Craig wears a sartorial Tom Ford suit in Skyfall. Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions / PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

7. Skyfall: Classic Tom Ford Suit

You might have seen the iconic shot of Daniel Craig leaning on his DB5 in a tailored Tom Ford suit that pays homage to Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond. This is easily one of the most iconic and stylish contemporary James Bond outfits, and there have been many artists that made sketches, paintings, and other artwork from this memorable scene. 

Sean Connery James Bond Goldfinger Golf
Ready for a game of golf, Sean Connery charms as James Bond in Goldfinger. Photo Credit: UNITED ARTISTS / Album / Alamy Stock Photo

8. Goldfinger: Classic Golfing Outfit

Another typical and one of the most memorable James Bond outfits of all time is, without a doubt, the golfing outfit Sean Connery is wearing in Goldfinger. When he plays a game of golf versus the movie’s antagonist Auric Goldfinger, Connery can be seen in a burgundy jumper and brown fedora. Although this is more of a sporty than classic look, it is one of the most memorable, typical James Bond outfits. 

Sean Connery James Bond Three-Piece Gray Suit Goldfinger
A dapper vision in a three-piece gray suit, Sean Connery is James Bond in Goldfinger. Photo Credit: TCD/Prod.DB / Alamy Stock Photo

9. Goldfinger: Three-Piece Grey Suit

Another all-time classic and easily one of the most memorable 007 outfits is the three-piece grey suit Sean Connery is wearing in Goldfinger while inspecting one of the antagonists’ hangars. In this scene, 007 meets Pussy Galore for the first time while wearing his timeless suit designed by Anthony Sinclair. 

Daniel Craig Tuxedo Casino Royale James Bond
Donning a classic tuxedo look, Daniel Craig portrays James Bond in Casino Royale. Photo Credit: M.G.M. / MAIDMENT, JAY / Album / Alamy Stock Photo

10. Casino Royale: Tuxedo

In Casino RoyaleDaniel Craig wears an iconic tuxedo to the poker table. It is a timeless classic that makes him look like a professional poker player. It is a great and memorable outfit for the movie as most of it takes place in casinos. 

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