Hot Wax Vs. Hard Wax – What’s the Difference?

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Waxing is the most effective and reliable hair removal technique available in the beauty industry today.

Waxing can remove almost all types of hair from the body, like your legs, arms, back, midriff, bikini area, or bikini line, upper lip, and your private part or what we know as a Brazilian wax.

Different types of wax are to be used on each body part, such as soft wax, hot wax, hard wax, sugar wax, and strip wax.

If you plan to get your first wax and are curious about these wax types or set up a waxing salon business, or want to wax personally from home with a wax warmer kit, this article is perfect for you!

This article will teach you about different wax types, the difference between hot wax vs. hard wax, and many more!

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Waxing Vs. Shaving

Shaving is one of the most common hair removal techniques, which is almost done daily. But here are the difference between waxing and shaving.


  • Shaving only removes unwanted hair from the surface.
  • The hair growth cycle is quick. Hair grows in about 2-3 days.
  • Hair growth is thicker.
  • Shaving causes razor cuts and burns.
  • Razor cuts and burns can result in scars, skin irritation, pimples, and bumps.
  • Hair that grows from shaving is very itchy, and it often gets caught in your underwear.
  • Hair growth from shaving is usually in the wrong direction that causes ingrown hair.


  • Waxing removes hair from the root.
  • It removes dead skin cells leaving you with smooth skin.
  • Wax only adheres to the hair, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • Hair strands from waxing are thinner.
  • The hair growth cycle is slower.
  • Waxing gives longer-lasting results about 3-5 weeks.
  • Hair growth from waxing is in the right direction, which prevents ingrown hair.
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Different Types of Wax

Here are some of the most common wax types used for hair removal techniques.

Hard wax

  • Hard wax does not need waxing strips.
  • Hard wax has a thick consistency.
  • It is more comfortable to the skin.
  • It is mostly used for smaller body parts.
  • It is recommended for a bikini wax and Brazilian wax.
  • Less painful hair removal method.

Soft wax

  • Soft wax is also known as “Hot Wax” because it requires heat.
  • Hot wax requires a waxing strip to pull the wax off from your skin.
  • It can cause redness and skin irritation since the wax adheres to the skin.
  • It is mostly used for larger body parts such as legs, arms, and back.

Sugaring or Sugar Wax

  • Sugar wax has a candy-like consistency.
  • It does not require waxing strips.
  • It does not need to be heated.
  • Sugar wax can be reapplied in the same area.
  • Sugar wax is usually made of organic contents.
  • It is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
  • Sugar wax only adheres to the hair.
  • It is a less painful hair removal method.
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Hot Wax vs. Hard Wax

Hot wax and hard wax are quite similar, but hard wax is better upon comparing the two.

Hard wax only adheres to the hair that needs to be removed, unlike hot wax that adheres to your skin.

Pulling off the wax from your skin is painful, and not to mention the skin damage you can get from it. However, the type of wax that you will use still depends on your preference or your esthetician.

DIY Waxing

DIY waxing is one easy way to get rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home! If you are busy and do not have time to setup waxing appointments, you can purchase a DIY or home wax warmer kit. 

There are home waxing kits available for purchase that comes in the full package! You can also watch video tutorials to help you with your first try! So, if you have a sudden trip to the beach or a late-night date, no need to worry about your stubborn hair! You can wax them off from home!

Since you have learned the benefits from waxing, the different types of wax, and DIY waxing, nothing will stop you from getting that smooth, hairless and silky skin! Call your esthetician now, or better yet, purchase your home waxing kit!