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Published August 30, 2009


It is not rare for fashion to venture into the realm of being taken too seriously, but in the case of Los Angeles based label Endovanera, this is not a worry. Asked to recall his initial thoughts when beginning development on fall’s collection, designer David Hershberger replied with a tongue-in-cheek answer, “I just wanted to make clothes for bad asses.” For those familiar with Endovanera, this answer is no surprise. The label holds no pretenses and is extremely focused on making clothes that people just want to wear. If their clothes happen to fall in line with an aesthetic, it has been a natural occurrence. At Endovanera, the label has evolved organically, with color and shape morphing over the past seasons to fit the current tastes of Hershberger and his business partner Mitch Moseley.

Previous collections from Endovanera housed dramatic cuts that were distinguishable and engaging, but for the fall, the range falls more in line with the times. Their signature craftsmanship and unique cuts are still there, but the collection is much more low-key and unassuming. The blazer sports a simple straight cut that subtly sparks interest with its mildly enlarged lapels. Meanwhile, shirts are draped flawlessly in an asymmetrical manner, while trousers billow in a refined fashion. Short sleeved knits offer a soft touch of comfort and pants cut from heavy gauge thermal add texture and spontaneity. Surveying Endovanera’s body of work, the fall collection comes as a natural progression to the label, showing a softer side that retains integrity, while staying consistent with the times.


Pictures courtesy of Endovanera

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