Jonas, Leon, Alpha + More Are ‘A Cut Above’ for VMAN

Photos by Quentin De Briey
Styling by Gro Curtis
Jonas Glöer Model
Jonas Glöer

Tailoring takes center stage in a VMAN piece titled “A Cut Above.” Gro Curtis styles the magazine’s spring story, navigating the newest tailored looks. Curtis juxtaposes contemporary lines of suit jackets with eccentric design statements like Prada’s skorts to provide a current take on the suiting narrative.

Alpha Dia Model
Alpha Dia

VMAN assembles an impressive ensemble for their spring fashion shoot. Models Malick BodianLeon DamePaul HamelineXu MeenNoah Luis BrownJonas GlöerFernando Lindez, and Alpha Dia share the spotlight for the occasion. Quentin De Briey photographs the prominent cast against a variety of spring-colored backdrops.

Leon Dame Model
Leon Dame

Gro Curtis demonstrates that tailoring is far from dull this season. Men’s designers are giving a dose of excitement, from Versace’s sleeveless suit jacket and flared pants in green to Gucci’s minimal take on the double-breasted blazer sans lapel. On the other hand, classic tailoring from labels like Tom Ford and Dior Men adds a sense of tradition.

Noah Luis Brown Model
Noah Luis Brown
Malick Bodian Model
Malick Bodian
Xu Meen Model
Xu Meen
Paul Hameline Model
Paul Hameline
Fernando Lindez Model
Fernando Lindez
Hair by Paolo Soffiatti
Makeup by Maria Olsson
Casting by Shaun Beyen

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