Colmar New Beginnings: Inspiration in Berlin

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Published November 1, 2022


Updated November 13, 2022

Colmar Fall Winter 2022 Brehan Murphy Model Quilted-effect Down JacketPin
Embracing casual everyday style, Brehan Murphy sports Colmar’s quilted-effect down jacket with canneté ribbon in bush. Photo: Colmar

Berlin, a city that is rich in culture, has once again been an inspiration to the fashion industry. This fall, Colmar draws inspiration from one of the most well-known cities in Germany. The brand sees the streets of Berlin as the intersections where contrasting worldviews meet, serving as a link between the city’s rich history and its promising future.

Colmar Fall Winter 2022 Ezra Mabengeza Model Oversized Down JacketPin
Connecting with Colmar for fall, Ezra Mabengeza models an oversized down jacket with a high collar in skipper. Photo: Colmar

Colmar Fall/Winter 2022 ‘New Beginnings’ Collection

The name “New Beginnings” was given to the fall-winter 2022 collection by Colmar. The title references Berlin as a city always open to new concepts and optimistic feelings. In addition, it involves a combination of creative pursuits, artistic efforts, and cooperative endeavors in an atmosphere where the person is allowed to flourish via self-expression.

Colmar Fall Winter 2022 CollectionPin
Neutral colors help define the outerwear of Colmar’s fall-winter 2022 collection. Photo: Colmar

The new collection from Colmar is a reflection of the concept of a season to be raw and distinctive. Styles such as the traditional down jacket receive a new vitality and vigor thanks to the fashion brand’s innovative use of technical fabrics. In the meantime, a growing admiration for high-end streetwear has led to modernizing iconic outerwear.

Colmar Fall Winter 2022 Brehan Murphy Ezra Mabengeza Model Quilted-effect Down JacketPin
Models Brehan Murphy and Ezra Mabengeza wear Colmar quilted-effect down jackets with canneté ribbon in bush and navy blue. Photo: Colmar
Colmar Fall Winter 2022 Collection OuterwearPin
Colmar highlights its fall-winter 2022 down jackets in primary colors. Photo: Colmar

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