Prada Puts Leisure Front & Center for Spring ’21 Collection

The Fashionisto / Published July 27, 2020

Still, in the throes of a worldwide pandemic, it can be hard for fashion brands to market new collections. However, Prada did so with grace with an 11-minute atmospheric film full of black and white silhouettes, a backdrop of violins, and one of the most animated and cinematic cat-walks Prada has entertained. The visual felt less like a commercial and more like a work of art.

This is Miuccia Prada’s last collection as a solo fashion designer for the brand as she will partner with Raf Simons come September, and as her send-off, this collection is one of her strongest yet. Claiming that the current economy had her pondering what fashion is really for and who it is for, she ended up designing this collection of simple designs that bring brevity and value to the pieces. Though the pieces are sophisticated and intriguing, they are unapologetically unfussy and marvelously minimalistic, giving off a futuristic aesthetic that combines formal workwear and outdoor sportswear.

Thanks to this strange juxtaposition, Prada’s spring-summer 2021 collection is much different from any lineup that has come before it. When it comes to the menswear, the designer has worked outside the boundaries of fashion, coming up with straightforward pieces but at the same time completely unordinary, as some of the styles include matching sweatpants with a formal shirt and tie, and an all grey tracksuit paired with polished black shoes and a dressy long-sleeved overcoat.

Prada’s vision of creating a more straightforward collection is fully realized, as the collection has a color palette of mostly white, grey, black, and nothing else. Many of the men’s spring collection pieces are subtle and appealing to more than just the fashionistos of the world. Surprisingly, the collection is a lot more practical than many would have expected, as despite the pieces being well cut and much slimmer than last season’s, the collection is very lightweight, making comfort a dominating factor in this season.

Prada Spring/Summer 2021 Men’s Collection

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