CH Carolina Herrera Bags Take the Spotlight

September 4, 2022
Carolina Herrera Red Leather Duffel Bag 2022 Ty Ogunkoya Model
Ty Ogunkoya takes hold of a red CH Carolina Herrera leather duffel bag. Photo: Carolina Herrera

This autumn, CH Carolina Herrera presents a timeless collection of bags and other leather products for men in various sizes and styles. The fashion label showcases its latest must-have collection with the release of a new lookbook that includes Quentin DemeesterValentin Caron, and Ty Ogunkoya as models. The trio showcases CH Carolina Herrera’s latest fall designs while highlighting some of the brand’s most essential accessories for men.

The men’s leather bags designed by CH Carolina Herrera have classic silhouettes that will never go out of style. Carolina Herrera provides a wide variety of bags, including everything from leather totes to oversized shoulder bags. There are also a lot of travel duffel bags available, and it’s easy to see one of them slung over the shoulder of the Carolina Herrera Bad Boy.

CH Carolina Herrera Pre-fall 2022

Carolina Herrera Blue Leather Bag Oversized Quentin Demeester Model 2022
Quentin Demeester dons a chambray shirt with chinos as he showcases an oversized CH Carolina Herrera Matryoshka XXL large shoulder leather bag in blue. Photo: Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera Leather Document Holder 2022 Ty Ogunkoya Model
Donning a tan suit, Ty Ogunkoya accessorizes with a CH Carolina Herrera leather shopping universal pouch. Photo: Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera Brown Suede Bag 2022 Valentin Caron Model
Sitting for a portrait, Valentin Caron takes hold of a brown suede CH Carolina Herrera bag. Photo: Carolina Herrera