Buckler Spring 2009

July 31, 2008

Buckler Spring 2009Buckler Spring 2009

Buckler Spring 2009Buckler Spring 2009

Personally, the look of this collection feels extremely forced.  However, I like the direction they are going with the details and some of the styling.  I love the hooded cardigan.  It’s asymmetrical, yet not severe.  I also like the pairing of the sweater vest with shorts.  I had long given up on sweater vests.  The last time I wore one had to have been in middle school.  But viewing this look, perhaps it is time for me to embrace the sweater vest once again.

Pictures from Coutorture

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  1. It’s probably the makeup on the models, but seeing that sweater made me think grunge and kurt cobain in a striped tee. That’s a good thing.

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