Acne Jeans Goes Mini

August 21, 2008

Acne Jeans Goes MiniAcne Jeans Goes Mini

Acne Jeans now has a Miniature line for children.  The line takes pieces from their adult line and scales them down to children size.  It is similar to Phillip Lim’s clothing line for children.  I think this is adorkable.  Who wouldn’t want a little tiny version of themselves?  However, I think the pricing is too much.  Kids grow way too fast to spend $100+ on one shirt.

The Miniature range is taking its cue from parents who have bought a beautiful piece of clothing for themselves, and wished there was something like it for their child. The criteria for this range has therefore been the same as for the main collection. Garments were chosen from the a/w 2008 catwalk and simply shrunken to fit. The selection has been made with the same love for fashion that directs every collection of clothing produced by Acne.

Pictures from Acne Jeans

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