6 Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

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Tattoos are a great form of self-expression but getting a tattoo isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Many folks regret tattoos that they get as an impulse because they end up with a design they don’t like or they don’t like the location. Removing a tattoo takes time and money and can leave scars. If you’re not ready to think things through, it is best to hold off on getting a tattoo.

Here are six essential factors if you’re ready to think through the logistics of getting a tattoo seriously:

1. Who will complete the tattoo

Not all tattoo artists are equally qualified. Before committing to an artist, ask for examples of their previous work and their credentials. This will give you a sense of what they can do for you.

You should also check out the state of their shop. You want to get your tattoo in a sanitary location to avoid getting an infection. You can ask for a workshop tour before getting your tattoo to ensure that the shop is clean. 

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2. What the tattoo means

Don’t rush to choose a design. Tattoos are a permanent part of your body. Many opt to get tattoos that are representative of them. This might be the name of a loved one, an inspirational quote, or a metaphorical symbol. 

You might prefer working with a tattoo artist on your design because the artist can help you come up with a unique tattoo that is personal to you, or they can help you tweak an existing design.

You can also bring the artist a picture of what you would like. Celebrities such as Machine Gun Kelly often appear in photoshoots with their tattoos, so you should be able to find high-quality photos for inspiration. You can also look at The Style Up website for inspiration.

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3. Where Will Your Tattoo Go

Where you get your tattoo is just as important as the design of your tattoo. Specific designs work best on certain areas of the body. The size of your tattoo will depend on the location.

You’ll also want to think about whether you’ll need to be able to cover your tattoo up at times. When you’re getting a tattoo, you should consider a few things before making your final decision. For example, some offices may not allow tattoos as a part of their dress code.

If you’re having difficulty deciding where to place your tattoo, ask your artist to do a temporary stencil. This temporary tattoo will give you a good idea of how large the design will be and how visible the tattoo will be.

Make sure to understand the basics when you consider a tattoo job since the tattoo removal healing process may be something that can take a while if you suddenly wish to remove your tattoos.


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4. When to get a tattoo

Most people want to get a tattoo in the summer to show off their fresh ink at the beach. However, fresh tattoos need time to heal. Exposing your tattoo to sun, chlorine, and beaches can aggravate your tattoo and cause infections. The best time of the year to get a tattoo is in the fall or winter. This will give your tattoo time to heal before your next beach holiday. 

5. How much Do Tattoos Cost?

A good tattoo can be expensive. Most shops will charge per hour. This cost will cover the expense of sanitary equipment such as the needle, the ink, and the tattoo artist’s time. The larger the tattoo, the more it will be. The fees will vary depending on the shop, so you should always get a quote from the artist before getting inked. 

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6. How painful Will It be

There is no way around it. Getting a tattoo is going to hurt. Pain tolerance and the location of your tattoo will play a role in how much pain you’ll feel. Bony areas, such as the ribs, shoulder, or ankle, are the most painful.

More plump areas, such as your thigh, might not hurt as bad. While getting your tattoo, you’ll continuously feel little needle pricks. Some people eventually get used to the pricks, but this depends on your pain tolerance. 

Many artists will break larger designs up over several sessions to help with the pain. If you’re hoping to get a sizeable back design like Diego Fragoso, you’ll have to commit to at least two sessions. The tattoo artist will spend a minimum of one session inking the design and a minimum of one session inking the colors. 

Closing thoughts

Suppose you’re ready to commit to a tattoo; great! Start looking around for a potential tattoo artist. Designing and inking a good tattoo might take some time, but your future self will thank you.