6 Fashion Ideas for Avant-Garde Clothing 

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The world of menswear is rich with creative styles ranging from elegant suits to on-trend streetwear. A man has endless options depending on the style or looks you’re hoping to achieve. If you want to stand out with your fashion sense, avant-garde clothing is worth considering. 

It’s a creative, aesthetic, over-the-top, and show-stopping clothing style. However, there are various fashion ideas you need to consider regarding avant-garde clothing.

Here are fashion ideas for avant-garde clothing:

1. Fit is King!

The essential fashion idea of avant garde clothing is choosing the right fit. Most men buy avant-garde clothes that are too large or loose, resulting in an unfashionable look. But that doesn’t mean that you choose snug-fitting garments. It’s best to know your exact fit and go for just that. Besides, it’s easy to pull a striking look with well-fitting outfits.

2. Be Picky with the Colors!

You will get many outfits in different hues, but only some will suit your needs. Try mixing and matching the colors of your outfit, but be keen on your choices. Don’t wear lots of jewelry; instead, be flashy with your clothing and keep accessories simple. Play with the colors to create an appealing contrast, and match this with your accessories. Alternatively, pick block colors to abstract patterns, creating a unique look. 

3. The Right Texture

The right texture will give you a better feel when wearing avant-garde clothing. Ensure that you have chosen the right texture for the different layers or choose the same textile for the layers.

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4. Appropriate Layering 

Layering is an easy way to pull off an avant-garde aesthetic and look and is a vital element of every style for men. You’ll need to have a body garment and add more layers/pieces to get your desired level of layers. However, it needs to be appropriate in the color and fabric combination. For instance, you choose a complementary color that belongs in the same hue and a similar texture for the fabric.

5. Go for Quality & Avoid Impulse Purchases

There are numerous types of avant-garde clothing styles. Don’t get tempted to buy cheap, low-quality clothes from second-rate sellers; they may not be genuine! 

Only shop from reputable Avant Garde clothing stores offering a wide collection of quality outfits. Moreover, avoid impulse buying and aim to buy a clothing piece that meets your needs and style. Being wise about your money and style is a crucial fashion tip.

6. Play with Volume

Modern fashion designers are focusing on creating volume in clothes. The blending of varying volumes gives you a put-together vibe that draws attention while letting the clothing make a statement. Fullness in avant-garde dressing involves extreme geometric shape additions, bold asymmetry, over-the-top pleating, and more.

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Must Have Avant-garde Fashion & Accessories for Men

  • Jeans 

Jeans are an essential must-have fashion accessory for every man’s wardrobe. They come in different fits, and you can find styles that showcase a high-fashion aesthetic. With a denim look, you can wear extremely distressed jeans, paint-splattered pieces, or waxed denim for a different style.

  • Hoodies & sweater

Hoodies and sweaters keep you warm while still keeping you fashionable. Hoodies and sweaters with extreme proportions are an easy way to take on the avant-garde look.

  • Jackets

Jackets keep you warm, but that doesn’t mean you just need to stick to a basic wool style. A jacket can be high-fashion with contrasting colors, exciting prints, or voluminous shapes. 

  • Boots 

Boots are a must-have fashion item, especially in cold weather months. One can easily achieve an avant-garde style with high platforms or interesting details like zippers or grommets.

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  • Sunglasses 

Sunglasses can really pull a look together. Also, they protect you from direct and harmful ultraviolet rays. If your look is already high-fashion, you can keep your sunglasses simple. Or, if you want something more exciting, a bold color or shape for the frame stands out.

  • T-shirt

T-shirts are a must-have fashion item for men. Your choice of T-shirt should have the right length, fabric, and hemline cut. From ripped details to bold prints and asymmetrical shapes, the humble t-shirt can be made avant-garde.


Avant-garde clothes are a style for the fashion-conscious and experimental man. With this type of clothing, you can make a great expression with a style that makes a statement. If you’re shopping for avant-garde clothing, consider this article’s ideas to achieve that striking look you have always wanted.