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Spring 2010 | Soar

soar Spring 2010 | Soar

We previously shared a preview of Tim Soar’s spring 2010 collection last month and yesterday the British designer revealed the complete collection as part of London Fashion Week. Entitled, “Folding Diagrams for a Spread Squash”, the initial preview of the collection showed off Soar’s minimal vision taking menswear to a silhouette that is very boxy with modest colors for the most part. However, the runway show reveals the collection in a new light. Soar’s regular DJ gigs heavily influenced the collection lending it to a younger feel. Soar’s DJ inspirations influence the collection in a decisive manner, infusing his suiting with metallic silver, reptile prints and leather. On point with spring’s trends, Soar’s collection also features semi-sheer white pieces. At large, Soar travels a road that is impractical with his selection of standout elements. However, he makes the wise effort to incorporate these details into commercial ensembles, offering the best of both worlds–safe and daring.

soar2 Spring 2010 | Soar
soar3 Spring 2010 | Soar
soar4 Spring 2010 | Soar
soar5 Spring 2010 | Soar
soar6 Spring 2010 | Soar
soar7 Spring 2010 | Soar
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soar12 Spring 2010 | Soar

Pictures from GQ UK