Let’s Talk Makeup: GQ Explores Male Makeup for the Modern Man

Lets Talk Makeup: GQ Explores Male Makeup for the Modern Man image tom ford skincare grooming campaign juan betancourt 005

Model Juan Betancourt for Tom Ford Skincare Grooming campaign.

Makeup for Men–With the beauty industry looking to tap into the male market with makeup products such as bronzer and concealer, GQ offers up a funny piece on the subject with its April issue, now on newsstands. Looking to brands such as Tom Ford for product guidance, GQ enlists Drew Magary, a suburban dad of three to test drive products and report on them. Magary shares, “The fear of liking makeup is probably what keeps many men from ever trying it. Makeup conglomerates are doing everything they can to get men past the stupidly inevitable gay panic associated with using these products. You can practically hear them screaming, ‘Don’t be afraid! It’s not gay!'” Along the way, Magary recalls, “My wife starts digging through the other products, clearly looking for shit for herself. Hands off my brosmetics, girl.” Visit GQ.com to read more.

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