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D.Lee Fall 2009

Thanks to Selectism, D.Lee is fresh on the mind. D.Lee is none other than revamped A-Z Collection. After issues over copyright, A-Z Collection found itself reincarnated as D.Lee, taking its name from designer, Dana Lee. Picking up where A-Z Collection left off, Lee’s work just gets better. Offering fantastic basics at a reasonable price, the latest collection is grounded in fall appropriate shades of brown, navy, gray, and green. Cozy cable knits are accompanied by varsity inspired jackets adorned with leather and made complete by removable collars. On the other end of the spectrum, timeless corduroys feel right at home with ready-to-layer long johns. With D.Lee in toll this upcoming fall, there is no reason why the homebody has to be left at home.

dlee D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee2 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee3 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee4 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee5 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee6 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee7 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee8 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee9 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee10 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee11 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee12 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee13 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee14 D.Lee Fall 2009
dlee15 D.Lee Fall 2009

Video and pictures courtesy of D.Lee

  • anonymous

    hey the link to dleesite.com doesnt work. after I googled it, I found the website is: http://www.dlee-site.com

  • http://thefashionisto.com Carl

    Thanks for catching that. Source link was correct…copied the wrong link into the body.