What to Wear To a Bachelor Party

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What to wear to a bachelor party is a common question asked amongst the guys. This post answers that question with the most stylish bachelor party attire ideas.

What to wear to a bachelor party largely depends on the venue, the dress code, and the type of party. There are numerous bachelor party ideas and your bachelor party costumes should blend in. The bachelor party may be a casual affair, a traditional strip club type, a sophisticated dinner or a vacation somewhere.

Whichever it is, you don’t want to end up overdressed at a strip club or underdressed at a formal dinner. Also, before choosing your bachelor party outfits, try to know the bachelor party attire for the groom and work with that. The day is his and is all about him, he should remain in the spotlight.

Check how to put together the right ensemble for a bachelor party without going broke!


There are things to bring to a bachelor party which could also pass for part of your outfit. A pair of sunglasses is one of such things. There is a huge tendency that you will not return home with one or more of your possessions. Let your sunglasses go instead.

For only $89, a juicy couture 913 OJMP 48 Plum Crystal Navy Ray Ban pair of eyeglasses is yours. Pair them with a T-shirt, a leather jacket and jeans to look dapper for a casual evening out. Get ready to part with them too.


For a formal dinner, pair a fitted blazer with slacks. If it is a casual bachelor dinner party, match the blazer with a pair of stonewashed or distressed jeans. The blazer pairing depends on the theme of the bachelor party and what the weather forecast says. You should also look out for what the groom is wearing and go with it.

This is so you don’t end up overdressed, uncomfortable, too serious or outshining the groom. You can get some of the most affordable and clean-cut blazers from Caravelli. One of which is the Caravelli Italy men’s slim fit black 2 – button notch lapel that retails at $147.50.

Leather jacket

Mason & Cooper Zip Front Leather Jacket which sells for $229.00 is all manner of beautiful. It is ideal for a casual bachelor party, an evening at the strip club or a bar hangout. Pair it with fitted jeans, a T-shirt or collared shirt and a pair of sneakers or some toms.

The whole idea is to be very comfortable, appropriately dressed, smart and dashing. It is also a lifesaver from catching a cold at bachelor parties held at cold times of the year. They keep you warm while you have the time of your life with the guys.

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Photo: Depositphotos.com


One can never go overboard with a wristwatch. For a bachelor party where you have tried not to outshine the groom, your wristwatch is your identity. That is the only way you can make your own statement at the event. A man who has an eye for quality and fashionable wristwatches knows his onions.

This is why we picked out various types of affordable wristwatches to suit your personal style. Michael Kors men gold-tone Lexington chronograph wristwatch retails for $158.75. It is for the man who loves some gold while the Armitron men’s Stainless Steel stopwatch is for the silver loving man. It retails for $48.43 and comes with a bracelet.

Dress shirt and T-shirt

George Men’s Long Sleeve Fashion Dress Shirt goes for as low as $14.88 and is an all-rounder. For a casual party affair, simply fold the sleeves or throw on a leather jacket for cold nights. For the club, loosen few top buttons and pair with fitted jeans. Pair together with straight jeans, blazer, and Toms for a more formal dinner.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Men’s Alabama 74 graphic T-shirt Black at $19.17 is great as bachelor party costumes go. Pair it with fitted jeans as colorful sneakers. For plain T-shirts, Gildan men’s classic short sleeve T-shirt at $6.97 is a great one. Pair with a jacket and sneakers.


Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Men’s Slim Fit Jeans retails at $21.92 only. Pair them with a leather jacket for a cold night bachelor party at the club. For the strip club, match it with a hugging T-shirt. You can also pair it with a long-sleeved dress shirt. What to do is to fold the sleeves to mid-forearm level for that macho look.

For a more serious affair, the Wrangler men’s slim straight jean is a sure bet. Pair them with a sharp cut fitted blazer. Add on a button shirt and a pair of Toms for wow effect. Dressed this way, you will not seem odd even at a sophisticated dinner.

Sneakers and Toms

Shoes are another way to make a statement, so always go for the best. For casual bachelor party, Puma Men’s Suede Classic Black/White Ankle-High Fashion Sneaker at $50.54 is a hit. It blends well with fitted and straight jeans. You can decide to go for colorful ones if they suit your personality better.

Tom shoes are also casual but they fit formal environments too. This is because their looks have a kind of subtle seriousness. You can pair them with blazers on jeans or slacks for a formal dinner. To dress down, they go with fitted jeans and T-shirts or short sleeve dress shirts. Try out Toms classic burlap casual shoes which go for $52.99.


HDE Mens Elastic Braided Web Belt Woven with Leather Accents and Silver Buckle retails for $9.99. It is stylish and trendy with enough shine to catch the right attention. Boost your confidence with a fashion-forward and statement-making belt. Do not leave your jeans or slacks hanging loose.

A bachelor party at the strip club makes the belt more interesting. It comes in handy to the strippers as a naughty tool. You all took the party to the strippers as a traditional passage rite from bachelorhood into marriage. It is only normal you prepare well, get comfortable and have maximum fun.

At this point, we sure know what to wear to a bachelor party through this post. This guide will help you maintain your stylish mode of dressing even while attending a bachelor party. We also wish to remind you that comfort is the first thing to while picking out bachelor party outfits. This is party dress up made easy. Dress up, look smashing and show up without going broke in the process!

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