Runway Shows

Carin Wester Spring 2010

Just when you think you have Carin Wester pegged, she reinvents the wheel. Sleek and unassuming, Wester’s softer side comes out to play this season.  …


Runway Shows

Wood Wood Spring 2010

Wood Wood’s spring offering is simple. Bearing a nonchalant attitude, it’s about leisure and comfort. Although straightforward, the collection still works overtime bridging different aesthetics. …


Runway Shows

Jean//phillip Spring 2010

Jean//phillip is quickly on its way to becoming one of Copenhagen’s brightest stars. In the span of a couple years, designer Jean-phillip has emerged on …


Runway Shows

Mads Nørgaard Spring 2010

Mads Nørgaard is pleased by the prospects of the future, but finds no harm in enjoying the present pace of menswear. Comfortable within the confines …


Runway Shows

Soulland Spring 2010

Sneeze and you just might miss a fashion week or two. The latest runway shows for the spring 2010 season took place yesterday, marking the …