Revisiting Top Men’s Fall 2022 Fashion Runways

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2022 ShowPin
A model wears a fall-winter 2022 look with wings at Louis Vuitton’s runway show for men. Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

The fall-winter 2022 fashion weeks included world-renowned and up-and-coming brands, which set up shows that sparked inspiration and showed off stunning outfits. Fashion shows have introduced an increasingly distinctive artistic touch from simple to glamorous designs and from classic to casual looks.

Accompanying Effects at the Shows

Lighting is a significant aspect of all fashion shows. In some cases, the primary goal of illumination was to light up the stage and show off the works of art being modeled. In other instances, the lighting played a significant role in setting an atmosphere to match the clothes.

Although the catwalk was the main attraction at the shows, the overall stage designs, including modern LED solutions, could not go unnoticed. “Since LED lights are environmentally friendly, design solutions incorporating this type of illumination have become a great option for companies with sustainability initiatives,” says Gevorg Hambardzumyan, the CEO of Front Signs, an LA-based sign-making company with an immense portfolio of light box sign projects from across the US.

Each brand implemented a unique musical effect to spruce up the show; some even added choreographic performances. Whether classical symphonies or pop songs, the music supplemented the masculine style presented on the catwalk.

The smoky effect on the stage was another attribute that gave the setting an additional artistic touch. It created a playful, entertaining mood for the guests.

Brands with the Most Exciting Fashion Shows 

Louis Vuitton Menswear Collection Fall Winter 2022Pin
Louis Vuitton pays tribute to Virgil Abloh with its fall-winter 2022 men’s collection. Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Menswear Fashion Show

Especially noteworthy was the Louis Vuitton menswear fashion show in Paris, France. The show was dedicated to the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh who passed away while he was still young. Rapper Tyler Okonma, or Tyler The Creator, performed at the show.

The stage’s choreography, decor, smoke effects, flickering lights, and design attributes were outstanding. The show integrated a mix of classic and modern style solutions for fashion runway lighting ideas, including everything from lanterns to bulbs and decorative LED lights. 

Outfits were presented in a variety of styles. Sportswear, casual apparel, and formalwear were among the best attractions of the show. Colors varied from vibrant to palette tinges, black to white, and dark to light.

Accessories like bags, capes, and bucket hats supplemented the models’ looks. The show closed with the models coming onto the stage in white clothing with angel wings strapped to their backs.

Dior Men Collection Runway Fall Winter 2022Pin
Kim Jones and Dior Men deliver elegant tailoring for fall-winter 2022. Photo Credit: Dior Men

Dior Menswear Fashion Show

The presentation of Dior Men’s winter 2022 collection took place in Paris–one of the world’s top fashion capitals atop the famous Pont Alexandre III bridge, where the natural scenery and the sun setting behind it created a marvelous effect. The catwalk was accompanied by a calmly uttered narrative and instrumental music.

The guests admired the gray, white, creamy, and pastel-colored collection. The original accessories added a touch of class to the overall looks of the models. The shirts, jackets, and coats with perfectly matching trousers created elegant looks. The accessories, along with the perfectly fitting beret-style hats, enhanced the artistic look of the models.

Zegna Menswear Fashion Show

The Zegna fashion show was presented to the spectators through a short film made in Italy’s Oasi Zegna. The models walking on the snow and barren plains and the instrumental music playing in the background made a great impression. Then, the film moved to an interior scene with a magnificent display of light and shadow.

The production of fashion designer Alessandro Sartori’s menswear collection closed with a performance choreographed by Sadeck Waff at Milan’s Duomo cathedral. The short film ended with Sartori’s words:

“The reality we live in today requires adaptability; it asks us all to be fluid. Translating this idea into clothing means building a language of shapes and textures that grows and consolidates over time, matching the needs of the moment. The notion of the hybrid is one I keep exploring because there’s progress in erasing staid categories.” Sartori said.

Fendi Menswear Collection Fall Winter 2022 RunwayPin
Fendi revisits the Roaring Twenties with its fall-winter 2022 men’s collection. Photo Credit: Fendi

Fendi Menswear Fashion Show

Silvia Venturini Fendi presented classic menswear on a raised runway shaped like a double-F. The music playing during the show and the flickering LED lights were synchronized to create a mysterious environment.

The exquisite tailoring exhibited a combination of suiting, knitwear, and leather. The colors used included black, white, cream, burgundy, raspberry, mocha, and taupe.

Everything from sweaters to jackets, shirts to suits, and accessories like hats, bags, and sunglasses were presented in the fashion show. The menswear fashion show ended with the display of high-waisted trousers and tailcoats.

Kenzo Menswear Collection Fall Winter 2022Pin
Kenzo makes a splash with its fall-winter 2022 collection, which marks the debut of its new creative director, Nigo. Photo Credit: Kenzo

Kenzo Menswear Fashion Show

Paris fashion week was capped off with Kenzo Men’s fall-winter fashion show. It was debuting for Nigo–the brand’s new art director. The runway resembled a hall where the spectators were sitting.

Engaging instrumental music accompanied the fashion show from start to finish. The hall was illuminated with overhead lanterns, and chandeliers hung from the ceiling. 

The modest runway design was supplemented with outfits tailored with a real-to-wear spirit. From floral to checkered, the prints were the collection’s focus, many of them initially being drawn by Kenzo Takada himself in the 1970s.

Indeed, the look and feel of the 70s were ubiquitous in the show. Shirts, vests, coats, salopettes, sports bags, and costumes matched with beret-style hats were perfectly suited and exquisite menswear.

In Closing 

Generally, the main focus of the fashion shows is the presentation of the outfits in all their glory. But the shows’ organizers should never neglect the importance of lighting, sound effects, and choreography, which are added to the stage design. The effects embellish the setting and create a lasting impression for spectators.

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