News Arrivals @ Eluxury

August 25, 2008

News Arrivals @ EluxuryNews Arrivals @ EluxuryNews Arrivals @ Eluxury

Pictured left: Diesel Black Gold, Pictured above (left to right): Marc by Marc Jacobs, Maison Martin Margiela

Diesel is taking me by surprise with their Black Gold collection.  Up until this point, I have been strongly anti-Diesel when it comes to fashion, but they are winning me over.  Their Black Gold collection has some nice pieces like the sweater pictured left.  Diesel has definitely improved and even key stores like Oak have noticed.  As hard as it is to break old habits, I’ll more than likely be adding a Diesel Black Gold piece to my wardrobe this fall.  But that’s not saying that I won’t wait until the sales hit.