Men’s Fashion Guide: How to Wear the Bandana

Man Bandana Around Forehead
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Bandanas are often seen as an accessory relegated to music festivals, but they an easy way to make an everyday style statement. Therefore, you should consider accessorizing with a bandana to complete casual looks. A bandana can easily match most of the clothes in your closet, and if worn in the right way, you can stand out from the crowd. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the bandana is global. After all, it originated from south Asia and spread worldwide to become a bold fashion statement. Other than to accessorize, bandanas are also used to protect people from dust and cold. So, what are the most popular ways of flaunting your bandana? Let’s find out below:

Wear a Bandana on Your Head

Many men wear a bandana on their head as a simple headband or a head wrap. Most actors and musicians like this style because it complements their look, which is the hallmark of their trade. Wrap a cool bandana around your hair to make a stylish statement.

Wrap a Bandana Around Your Wrist as a Bracelet

A bandana can easily replace a bracelet and still offer a sense of personal style. You can wrap it nicely around the wrist, and you are good to go. A bandana on the wrist can also look good with a watch or even a bracelet as long as the two go well together.

Man Bandana Around Neck
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Wear a Bandana Around Your Neck

Most men find wrapping a bandana around the neck to be the easiest and most effortless way to wear a bandana. It’s stylish and adds a sense of personality to the outfit. It can be used for casual and more dressy events depending on what style you choose to wear around your neck.

Bandana Over Your Face

A bandana can be worn around the face like a mask covering the nose, mouth, and neck. Entertainers like rappers have been known to use this style to project a cool image. However, Coronavirus is not in a hurry to leave, so you can also use the style to protect yourself from the pandemic. Just make sure that you use it as a style accessory to cover a proper medical mask for optimal protection

Around the Ankle & Foot

You can wear a bandana around the ankle or foot to project a more casual look that is cool. The only challenge is that it must complement and not clash or drown in the clothes you’re wearing. This is the simplest way to wear your bandana.

Final Words

A bandana is simply one of the easiest accessories that a man can use to complete either a look. However, the way you wear it makes all the difference. Any time you purchase a bandana, you must factor in the type of clothing it will complement and the type of fashion statement you want to project.