Maison Martin Margiela Introduces Wallcoverings in Collaboration with Omexco



Published May 29, 2014


Updated January 23, 2015


Maison Martin Margiela at Home–Demanding our immediate attention with an otherworldly wall-covering collection, field new-comers Maison Martin Margiela evoke and awaken simultaneously, a collaboration of sensations we happen to enjoy a lot. Featuring the truly exemplary trompe l’oeil, some interestingly reinterpreted motifs and a whole mix of varying yet equally stunning optical illusions, the collection arrives via Belgian exporters Omexco, who also worked alongside Maison Martin Margiela on the design side of things. Based around five separate themes, namely la paesine, la mosaique, le Rideau, le point de croix and l’optique, the line has something for everyone, no- really.








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