How to Properly Maintain Your Jewelry

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If you had to list your most prized items, we’re confident that jewelry would be towards the top. And it just means you need to take proper care of them in order for them to last a lifetime!

You can have pieces such as golden watches or diamond rings, necklaces, pendants, and so much more. But you still need to take care of them so that they remain in pristine condition.

In this article, we’ll go over how to properly care for your jewelry so that it lasts and stays in great shape for posterity. If you really want to hand your Jewelry Exchange diamond ring down to your child or grandchild, please follow the instructions below.

Keep your metals away from the wood

Although wooden jewelry cases are attractive, they are not a smart choice.

This is why:

Wood is a naturally occurring material that once was alive. It has been found to emit organic acids even as a polished end product. They’re similar to acetic and formic acids. And if you’ve taken even the most elementary science lessons, you know that acid corrodes practically anything it comes into contact with. Any piece made of metal will tarnish and lose its color and brilliance over time. So stay away from wood items if you want to preserve your metallic jewelry to look its best.

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Store in a cool, dry location

When any jewelry, whether metallic or wooden, gets wet, it rusts. Metals may corrode and begin to tarnish or create rust, and wooden objects may develop mold, all of which are unpleasant. As a result, make sure that your prized possessions are kept away from dampness and water.

If you live in a humid climate, store your items in an airtight ziplock bag and seal them tightly. Make sure to squeeze out all of the liquid.

Dehumidifiers should be used to store your items

Because we’ve already mentioned how moisture is harmful to your jewelry, you can use dehumidifiers like silicon and chalk packs to keep moisture at bay over time. These substances are excellent because they trap all of the water in the atmosphere, and because the jewelry is close by, it stays dry and safe. Silicon packs are the tiny white sachet that comes along with new shoes if you’re wondering where to obtain them. So, when you get a new pair, keep them close and put them alongside your necklaces and earrings instead of throwing them away.

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Any contact with grooming products should be avoided

Shampoo sprays, fragrances, moisturizers, oils, and scented lotions are not appropriate for your pieces of jewelry. They tarnish and reduce the life of the jewelry. Cosmetics and grooming products contain substances that may or may not be damaging to your skin but have the inverse effect on your jewelry. Some of these chemicals may cause a redox reaction in your jewelry, causing it to lose its brilliance and appeal.

Bottom line

As previously stated, if you want your jewelry to last a lifetime, which it most certainly can, then simply take proper care of it. All of the methods listed above will assist you in accomplishing your goal, and you won’t have to worry about replacements in a few years. Expensive jewelry necessitates proper maintenance.