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Published October 7, 2013


Updated August 13, 2022

Kurt Cobain Cardigan Graphic T-shirt Style
One of the grunge style’s top icons, Kurt Cobain, performs in a cardigan and graphic t-shirt. Photo Credit: Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

The Introduction of Grunge–Grunge emerged in the mid-1980s, referring to a new sub-genre of alternative rock with a powerful scene in Seattle, Washington. Stripping rock down with angst-ridden vocals and distorted electric guitars, the Grunge movement had more than just music to offer. As bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam gained mainstream success, grunge style became prevalent, with second-hand staples familiar to Seattle stealing the scene.

vogue grunge
Steven Meisel photographed a Grunge story for the December 1992 issue of Vogue. Photo Credit: Steven Meisel / Vogue

Grunge Fashion and its Modern Revival–From flannel shirts and boots to cardigans, fashion was ready for a cool, nonchalant injection of young style. In November of 1992, Marc Jacobs designing for Perry Ellis, made quite the statement with a grunge-inspired collection.

Around the same time, photographer Steven Meisel took to the pages of Vogue’s December 1992 issue with a grunge story featuring leading model Kristen McMenamy.

Along with grunge, the style spawned by its acceptance by the mainstream subsided over time, but that’s not to say it has not been referenced over the years, even finding a new voice today with the fall/winter 2013 collection of Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.

saint laurent019
Saint Laurent delivers grunge style with its amazing fall-winter 2013 collection. Photo Credit: Saint Laurent

Grunge Essentials–Hedi Slimane’s fall-winter 2013 collection for Saint Laurent sparked a grunge revival, whether looking to magazine editorials for inspiration or the latest shops for pieces to add to your fall wardrobe. We round up several season highlights and must-haves, from comfortable cardigans and ripped denim to flannel.

Saint Laurent Cardigan
Add a comfortable but stylish punch to your wardrobe with Saint Laurent’s black & red mohair cardigan from SSENSE $990. Photo Credit: SSENSE
topman fall winter 2013 campaign 002
Topman provides core pieces like flannel for a laid-back aesthetic. See more here. Photo Credit: Topman
Try on a pair of ripped denim jeans for a casual grunge look. Available from ASOS $227.83. Photo Credit: ASOS
hm neo grunge 005
H&M cleans the grunge look up with a polished reinterpretation of essentials like the buffalo check. See more here. Photo Credit: H&M
An effortless wardrobe staple is the flannel shirt, featuring a close modern cut. Available from Topman $60. Photo Credit: Topman
With their latest collection, Los Angeles-based label Skingraft offers its own modern take on grunge. See more here. Photo Credit: Skingraft
Opening Ceremony
Complete a vast array of looks with ankle boots from Opening Ceremony. Available from The Corner $330. Photo Credit: The Corner
zara fall 2013 002
Zara delivers great fall styles that can be on their own or worn together for a current grunge style. See more here. Photo Credit: Zara
Top your grunge look off with a beanie from ASOS $13.50. Photo Credit: ASOS
wynston shannon 0003
FHM Singapore gets it right with a low-key denim look for any modern-day frontman. See more here. Photo Credit: Ivanho Harlim and Shysilia Novita
Urban Outfitters
Shop fun graphic t-shirts from Urban Outfitters $24. Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

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