George Clooney Wears Giorgio Armani for ‘Ticket to Paradise’

October 19, 2022
George Clooney Tuxedo Giorgio Armani Julia Roberts Ticket to Paradise 2022
Appearing alongside Julia Roberts in “Ticket to Paradise,” George Clooney wears a Giorgio Armani Made to Order black notch lapel tuxedo. Photo: Vince Valitutti / Universal Studios

George Clooney is not just reuniting on-screen with Julia Roberts as exes, but also with Giorgio ArmaniTicket to Paradise is a new film from Universal Pictures starring the Oscar-winning actor. In the film directed by Ol Parker, Clooney plays an American business executive on a mission to Bali to save his infatuated daughter from making the same mistake he and Roberts’ character did.

Oscar-winning costume designer Lizzy Gardiner collaborated with Giorgio Armani for George Clooney’s Ticket to Paradise wardrobe. Gardiner and the Italian fashion house worked to create Made to Order suits for Clooney. The American actor is dashing throughout the film in a black notch lapel tuxedo, a relaxed linen suit, classic suits in gray and midnight blue, and a brilliant blue-tailored number.

George Clooney Gray Suit Giorgio Armani Ticket to Paradise Los Angeles Premiere 2022
George Clooney dons a gray Giorgio Armani suit with a white dress shirt to the Los Angeles premiere of “Ticket to Paradise.” Photo: Giorgio Armani

Ticket to Paradise is not the first film in which George Clooney has worn a Giorgio Armani-designed wardrobe. In films such as Batman & Robin and Ocean’s Eleven, the 61-year-old actor also sported the Italian brand. Giorgio Armani says, “I’ve been honored to call George a friend for 25 years and consider him to be the quintessential Armani man.”

Armani adds, “This film wardrobe personified the elegant side of George — an honorary Italian, as he epitomizes the sartorial ease of dressing with innate style. It’s truly meticulously planned but appears to look as if it’s the simple happenstance of good taste.”

Ticket to Paradise Julia Roberts George Clooney Behind the Scenes 2022
Julia Roberts and George Clooney share laughs while filming their latest movie, “Ticket to Paradise.” Photo: Vince Valitutti / Universal Studios

“Giorgio’s clothes are always elegant and at 61, I need all the help I can get,” jokes George Clooney. “Giorgio the man is the epitome of class. He cares about the world. He stands with his friends and family. And he makes it all look easy. I want to be Giorgio Armani when I grow up. I couldn’t be more proud to call him my friend.”