Men’s Overall Shorts to OG Overalls: The Trendy Statement


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Updated April 1, 2023

Mens overall shorts trendPin
Take note of the men’s overall trend.

Looking at the latest arrivals at a trendy boutique, overalls are fashionably making a comeback. Overalls, whether in their original form or as modified men’s overall shorts, are beginning to grow in popularity among men.

Overalls are a classic workwear item that dates back to the early 1900s when America was still building itself. Over time, they evolved into an everyday staple and a fashion statement on and off the runway. Clothing companies that you admire produce overalls that are fashionable and functional.

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Overalls Make a Comeback

Justin Bieber Overalls MTV Video Music AwardsPin
Justin Bieber performs at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. A fan of overalls, Bieber sports workwear-inspired overalls over a black hoodie. Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni / Alamy Stock Photo

It’s the ideal time to stock up on clothing that will bring back fond memories of the ’90s. You can see the look on celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Chris Pine, and Chance the Rapper. The style is available again at retailers, but will you be willing to bite the bullet?

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Available in various colors, overalls with indigo, black, or green finish are not for the faint of heart. When layered with other essentials from your wardrobe, such as flannels and leather, they could be the piece of clothing that elevates your style to the next level.

Mens Overalls 1910Pin
Austrian workers wear overalls at iron mines in Minnesota in 1911. Photo Credit: Washburn, F.L., Agricultural Experiment Station, Anthony Park, MN., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A Brief History of Overalls

Overalls were produced for the first time in the 1900s by Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis of Levi Strauss & Co.; they were used as protective clothing in the construction industry. While in America during the Great Depression and the 1930s, overalls were popular among the poorer classes and considered workers’ apparel.

The use of overalls is widespread among people who work in industries that require long-lasting clothing. Take a step forward to the present day, and overalls are a modern garment considered fashion-forward due to their scarcity in the general public. You can swap your standard jeans for denim overalls if you want to turn heads and create a daring fashion style.

Mens Short Overalls Shortalls ASOSPin
Give your denim overalls and bib pocket a fresh look with ASOS’ modern short overalls. The denim overalls fit great and are easy to throw on with sneakers. Photo Credit: ASOS

Denim Overalls or Men’s Overall Shorts for a Casual Look

Who knew those overalls could be so edgy? Overalls are often associated with the appearance of ‘farming’ and construction workers, but you can wear them to make a fashion and functional statement. You can wear overalls with everything from Vans sneakers to a t-shirt or shirt underneath.

Many well-known manufacturers are now introducing modern versions of overalls that appear ready to walk down the runway. From traditional denim overalls to overall shorts for men, a variety of runway-ready styles are available.

Mens Overalls ASOSPin
For fashion, not all trends require an out-of-the-box look. Here, ASOS pays tribute to the heritage of denim overalls with a classic fit. Workwear inspirations combine with a loose, baggy fit for a casual ensemble. An oversized t-shirt pairs nicely with overalls, while a flannel shirt is tied at the waist. Photo Credit: ASOS

How to Style Trendy Urban Overall Looks

While the modern urban look is casual compared to street attire, it goes the extra mile by including something more fashionable. Relaxed pieces appropriate for an updated look are reminiscent of Coachella meets thrift shops meets the runway. 

When you wear overalls, you can let them stand out or add to your overall look. Perhaps you’d like to wear a striped t-shirt and Converse sneakers. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try something different, like shortalls with a sweater or tank top on top.

Men’s Overalls + Short Overalls Inspiration

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