Gonçalo Tackles Eclectic Style for L’Officiel Hommes Belgium

Photos by Álvaro Gracia
Styling by Minerva Portillo
Gonçalo Tackles Eclectic Style for L'Officiel Hommes Belgium

Gonçalo Teixeira stuns in a new fashion editorial for the December edition of L’Officiel Hommes Belgium. The Portuguese model heads outdoors for a striking series of images by Spanish photographer Álvaro Gracia. Gonçalo is a man of mystery as Gracia captures him from obscured views and angles. Meanwhile, stylist Minerva Portillo makes bold fashion statements with a wardrobe that includes eclectic brands, big and small. Ready to turn heads, Gonçalo ventures outside in ensembles that range from a Louis Vuitton monogram jacket to a rugged Kenzo look. Along the way, Gonçalo also sports the likes of Loewe and Mans Concept Menswear.

Grooming by Wild Van Dijk

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